Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Foodie Review: Perdue Perfect Portions

As much as it pains me to admit it, I find it hard to remain meat-free when dieting.I also find it harder to cook. I find that I crave carbs more and will find myself face-first in a bowl of pasta if I don't keep my meals simple: protein, veggies, limited dry carbs. This is how I lost 20 lbs 4 years ago: protein shakes for beakfast and then lunch consisted of chicken, salad, veggies, water..and wine. Well, I can't deprive myself of everything now, I can I? I wouldn't recommend this as a steady diet and as you can see I gained the weight back, but it did help to get the pounds off me and if I'd stuck to a moderated version of that eating plan I'd be fine. But, I digress...

I'm going to try to stick closer to the basics: whole foods, whole grains, lots of veggies. Of course I'll still post recipes; Beren and the kids have to eat now & then, too! But if you don't see a lot of cooking going on at my hearth, it's because I'm simpifying. So, that being said, let me tell you about the latest thing I've been devouring. These little Perdue Perfect Portions are amazing! Individually wrapped chicken breasts, measured out in the exact size for a meal, they are just awesome and only 3 POINTS each! I've been seasoning them myself (my store doesn't have the flavored ones yet), tossing one on my George Foreman grill, pairing it with a bag of Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies and I have a wonderful, low POINTS lunch or dinner in about 10 minutes. You absoluetely can't beat it.


Anonymous said...

Which George Foreman Grill do you have? I'm interested in getting either a GF Grill or a grill pan.

Those chicken breasts certainly look convenient!

Abigail S said...

I agree w/ the not depriving yourself of things you crave.

I allow myself fast food once a week. I NEED those fries. When I started my diet, I said no fast food. After a month of that, I snapped and went to McD's everyday for a week and a half. NOT good!

I wish you good luck on the diet!

Mother of Invention said...

Good for you for sticking to it so well and you know it'll work since you've done it. All I have to lose is 9 and I find it so hard.
(Mostly because I have to match insulin to carb and sometimes my sugar goes low and I HAVE to eat. I hate that! Then I put on weight. Mine's up and down like a yo-yo!

Rote Silke said...

We crossed with the meat posts! Go read mine, lol.

Rapunzel said...

Mother of Invention, you do have more obstacles that would make it more difficult! Be gentle with yourself, you're doing fine!

Grace, I have the little Foreman grill, not sure of the name and am too lazy to get up, LOL! It's just large enough for a burger or two or a chicken breast. I really like it! I have a grill pan, too, and love that for "real" meals but the Foreman is good for when I'm just cooking for myself.

Silke, I just read your post about the meat, love it! :-)