Thursday, May 17, 2007

Santa Baby

Yes, I am one of those people who does holiday shopping early..really early. I usually start by early summer and like to be done by Thanksgiving, then I can relax and really enjoy the holiday season. Well, that hasn't happened in the past few years but I'm determined to get back on track now. I've already started picking up a few things here and there and will share the more interesting finds as I acquire them. (I run the risk of the gift recipients peeking but since my kids rarely venture here, I will take the chance).

I'm going to be leaning toward earth-friendly purchases as well; the first one is a good example, from The Emancipation Network: "a pathway of empowerment and hope in the fight to end human trafficking - the modern practice of slavery. We offer you a way to become involved in fighting trafficking, helping survivors, and educating others about this human rights crisis."

"Whether you are hitting the beach, travelling, or trawling for groceries, you will be glad to be sporting this unbelievably cool recycled rice bag tote bag. Made by girls rescued from slavery and exploitation, Hagar Cambodia."

After seeing this bag featured in a magazine, I knew I had to buy it for Kali and/or her boyfriend. They are both animal-lovers, and her sweetie works at a pet store in the tropical fish department! Since they are also artists and students, they often have to tote around a bunch of "stuff" so this tote bag will be perfect for them.

The bag arrived yesterday and I am very impressed! At $34, it's a bit more than I'd normally spend on such a thing but I feel good about where my money is going and am therefore willing to pay more. Now I see that it's worth every penny. Larger than I expected and the quality and workmanship are excellent, plus it's very cool looking! I think they'll both enjoy it if I can just hold out til Yule and not surprise them with it early!


Aisling said...

Rapunzel, Great gift idea. I'm planning to trend earth-friendly with my gift giving also. I'm sure that will end up including a lot of homemade food items in recycled or reusable containers. Buying for the kids is a different story, but there are always ipod gift cards (no packaging to discard!) and that sort of thing.

Mother of Invention said...

We're going to hear David Suzuki (Canada's Al Gore) speak tonight and I'm sure we'll come away with a great desire to change our ways more in this direction.