Saturday, May 12, 2007

Treasure Hunt

Those of you who know me in the "real world" are aware of the fact that I hate least, I hate traditional mall shopping. From the time my kids could handle it themselves, they have done all of their school clothes shopping on their own. Once she could drive, I would pay Kali to take her younger sisters and I didn't feel a bit of remorse over it. I was happier, and so were they because I am simply no fun to shop with. They can all tell you stories of me having episodes of sensory overload where I'd have to make a hasty exit from whatever store we were in, go sit somewhere quiet and just breathe. I know, it sounds silly, but that's just how I am. Now & then I'll brave the mall if I'm 1) alone and 2) not on a time limit and 3) it's not even slightly busy.

Now, I do love "treasure hunting" which takes place in consignment shops, thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, even department stores such as Ross & TJ Maxx. I could spend hours & hours poring through those types of places. In fact, I often get so immersed in my hunt for treasures that I lose all track of time. It's like I'm in this twilight zone where nothing else exists except for the baubles and trinkets before me. I always head straight for the housewares first, it's where I spend the most time and money. I adore aprons, old Pyrex, milk glass, cloth napkins, etc. etc. It's just heaven to me! Fortunately Beren shares my passion and when we travel we constantly seek out new shops to visit, rarely leave there emptyhanded. The excitement comes, of course, from the unknown, the surprise of findng just the right item that you might not even have known that you needed! It's just such a thrill, really.

So yesterday I went to breakfast with Lily, Bambi & Sam, then to our favorite thrift store. I wandered the store for an hour, loading my cart with the most wonderful treasures! My favorite find of the day was a gorgeous heavy milk glass pitcher, the kind with the raised bumps all over it. (Sorry I am not a professional collector, I just know what I love!) I can't wait to fill this with iced tea or perhaps even champagne punch for our Mother's Day Brunch tomorrow! I left the store with four bags full of goodies, my wallet only $35 lighter.

A successful hunt indeed!


Aisling said...

Rapunzel, That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could do that this weekend too, but I have a cold (puts a damper on wanting to move, much less shop! *grin*) and two little boys who would have to go with me. That's not gonna happen! lol! Maybe soon though. Do you have a digital camera yet? I'd love to see a photo of your milk glass pitcher. It sounds so pretty!

Rapunzel said...

Aisling, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you're able to get some rest today, Happy Mother's Day!

I don't have that digital camera yet but I did just ask Beren if he'll consider chipping in on one for us. ;-) We'll see!

Anonymous said...

As you and I have talked many times, I'm very similar when it comes to shopping with my girls for clothing. It nearly does me in. It nearly does them in too.

But, also like you, I can spend hours treasure hunting. Life has been so busy lately I've not done it much, but I sure look forward to my next hunting day! The pitcher sounds very cute! I can just see it with lemon and orange slices floating in it!

Rapunzel said...

Grace, someday we'll get together and go treasure hunting, ok? :)