Friday, June 29, 2007


"A women's blood and hormonal cycle follows the ebb and flow of the moon; from new moon to full moon, estrogen increases leading to ovulation, or maximum fertility, at full moon. From full moon to new moon, the waning half of the cycle, progesterone predominates. Traditionally, women used to start bleeding right before the new moon, in the dark of the moon.

In modern times, women begin their menstruation during different phases of the moon. Their bodies are out of sync with the moon and their spirits have forgotten the meaning of Grandmother Moon. One way to get back in harmony with the moon is by performing ceremonies and rituals at different times during the moon cycle and also by honoring the time of menstruation."

My Moontime is approaching, and all that that entails. Mood swings, bloating, tiredness, etc. I was on the pill for about 3 years until my tubal in March, so I had a reprieve from many of the normal PMS symptoms. Well, they are back with a vengeance and have me completely out of sorts. I'd forgotten what it was like, honestly, and am trying to remember how I dealt with it all of those years! Fortunately for my family, I don't seem to experience the rages anymore, just the sadness and extreme sensitivity. For instance, I'm in tears because Beren said he has to work today, on what would normally be his day off. What the hell? This is no reason to cry! But I feel abandoned and neglected and just want to wallow in self-pity. Ridiculous really but I have to remember that these emotions have a purpose, that in ancient times women were honored during their moontimes, they were thought to be wiser and more connected to the earth. They were sent into the "red tents" not as punishment or to be shunned but so that they could rest, spend time with their sisters, return to their village with more wisdom to share. I long for such ritual nowadays, but that simply isn't going to happen. Instead, I'll do my best to pamper myself today...cook something delicious and healthy, exercise my body, spend some time alone honoring this time of the month and acknowledging what my body & soul are doing. I'll call my girlfriends, commiserate with them, try to experience the "red tent" in a modern way...and I'll try not to be too bitchy..really, I'll try...but could someone please bring me some chocolate and a Cosmo?


Aisling said...

I can't get chocolate and a cosmos to you, but I wish them for you! Treat yourself like the special lady you are today! Hugs!

Jojo said...

I'll be in Dallas this weekend...Let's go find that Cosmo
and a hot brownie with ice cream and fudge on top....Oh Yeah!!! Yeah, I know they are both fattening beyone repair, but you know, after the first Cosmo, we really won't care!

Rapunzel said...

Aisling, thank you so much for the cyber goodies! I'll do my best to pamper myself today. :)

Jojo, I'm hopping on a plane right now! ;)

Domestic Chicky said...

Will brownies and a wine cooler work?? Cause that's all I got here!! :)

Wanna hear a bummer?? I used to get excrutiating migraines every month...guess what else I would do at the same time? Yep, eat chocolate...once I stopped indulging, so did the headaches...damnit!!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I always dread the time of the month, I get so cranky beforehand, I don't even like living with myself. Ha! Plus that first day or so I just feel awful with cramps.

Anonymous said...

As you know - I can so relate! Ugh!! I swear by Ibuprofen and chocolate during that time!

Mother of Invention said...

That kind of seems like a paradox in that when you're PMSing and on your period, you feel and can really be irrational and not very wise at all! I'm with everyone on the chocolate wisdom though!