Saturday, June 30, 2007

Now Playing at the Castle: The Big Dogs

This is the band we went to see last night, the guitarist is an old friend of Beren's. They actually do have an album out and are quite popular in the local scene! The bar last night was packed with fans, we were barely able to get a table. You know how much I love live entertainment, and it's even more fun when we know someone in the band.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful video and music -- great band!! Thanks for sharing!

Jan x from a very soggy day at Rosemary Cottage!

Rapunzel said...

They are a great band, can you tell how eclectic my musical taste is? *grin*

Wish you were here, Jan, it's sunny at the Castle. We could float in the pool, play some tunes and have a grand ol' time!