Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tempestuous Waves of Change

August 8, 2007
Daily Om

Clinging To The Core
When Our World Falls Apart

There are times when our whole world seems to be falling apart around us, and we are not sure what to hold onto anymore. Sometimes our relationships crumble and sometimes it’s our physical environment. At other times, we can’t put our finger on it, but we feel as if all the walls have fallen down around us and we are standing with nothing to lean on, exposed and vulnerable. These are the times in our lives when we are given an opportunity to see where we have established our sense of identity, safety, and well-being. And while it is perfectly natural and part of our process to locate our sense of self in externals, any time those external factors shift, we have an opportunity to rediscover and move closer to our core, which is the only truly safe place to call home.

The core of our being is not affected by the shifting winds of circumstance or subject to the cycles of change that govern physical reality. It is as steady and consistent as the sun, which is why the great mystics and mystical poets often reference the sun in their odes to the self. Like the sun, there are times when our core seems to be inaccessible to us, but this is just a misperception. We know that when the sun goes behind a cloud or sets for the night, it has not disappeared but is simply temporarily out of sight. In the same way, we can trust that our inner core is always shining brightly, even when we cannot quite see it.

We can cling to this core when things around us are falling apart, knowing that an inexhaustible light shines from within ourselves. Times of external darkness can be a great gift in that they provide an opportunity to remember this inner light that shines regardless of the circumstances of our lives. When our external lives begin to come back together, we are able to lean a bit more lightly on the structures we used to call home, knowing more clearly than ever that our true home is that bright sun shining in our core.

This really resonated with me today because although my world is far from "falling apart," it is certainly shifting and changing at an uncomfortable pace. I always say that I don't do well with change but that is probably selling myself short; I do just fine considering the amount of it I've had to deal with lately! When I think back to the past year, as I am wont to do around my birthday, I am stunned at the amount of transformation that has taken place! In one year I have gained a full-time mate, 2 part time children and a new job. I have seen one daughter through two car accidents. I have suffered through chronic emotional attacks by my 2nd ex-husband's wife, watched them separate and prepare for divorce, and attended my 1st ex-husband's wedding. I have held the hand and heart of my child as she suffered her first major break-up, and celebrated another as she proclaims the finding of her own soulmate. I had a life-changing surgery that affected me both physically and emotionally. I have lost two dear friends but gained several new ones. I have watched several other friendships change form, am hoping that they will survive my inevitable continual growth.

When I look at all of this, I realize I need to be more gentle with myself, realize that I have a lot on my plate and that I'm doing a helluva job managing it all. And when I become completely overwhelmed, when the waves of change are rocking me, threatening to knock me down, I will steady myself, seek the very core of my being and hold on with all of my might.


Mother of Invention said...

Great positive reflective post! I think you have handled an amazing amount of change exceedingly well! You inspire me and others with this. Thanks.

Patty said...

oh oh oh, so can relate. Life changes for us so many times when we lack the inertia to do it ourselves and I see that in my own life right now. Changes being made and I stiffen up and think to myself, don't like this, would rather bolt off to the woods and avoid it, but alas, the changes turn out to work out fine. Be gentle and be strong : )

Susan said...

Hey, M ~

I am reminded of my favorite saying when I lived in Puerto Rico for 4 1/2 years: "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" - I also recently read the following quote, which made me nod *and* laugh: "the only person who likes change is a wet baby"... :-)

You are truly an inspiration to those of us who shudder at the word, and thought of, transition - in the growing is also the learning, and I've joyfully watched you handle large amounts of both with your usual grace and style... <3

Rapunzel said...

Mother of Invention, thank you for your kind words! You are inspiring to me as well!

Thank you, Patty! You are such an example of strength!

Susan, my dear friend, we have seen each other through so much change, haven't we? Thank you for being there.

Laura Stamps said...

Merry Meet, Rapunzel--

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog (Occult Fiction)...Wonderful to hear from you!! As for my books, some are available at bookstores, but the novels aren't (yet). Check out my main blog ( That's where all my books and art prints are listed, as well as all the different places you can find each one.

I also see you belong to Shelfari? I am at Goodreads. Love it! I'm such a book addict...(grin). Right now I am reading the "Blood Books" series by Tanya Huff.

Best Witches for a magickal day!

Rapunzel said...

Thank you so much for visiting my castle, Laura! :-) I am indeed at Shelfari, am part of a wonderful Goddess reading group, perhaps you'd like to check it out if you have a minute. I know, so many books, so little time!

Blessed Be,


Jojo said...

Hi Friend! The internet ones count too right? I have missed you and am here (a day late) to remind you that, well, I don't know. Oh, I have it..."The more things change, the more they stay the same". I've been pondering that one line for 15 years, and still, sometimes I get it, and sometimes I don't. Sigh.
Hugs from your "ever in flux" friend, jojo. ;-)

Rapunzel said...

JoJo! I have missed you! Whew..glad you are alive & well?


Anonymous said...

Excellent posting and wonderful reflective thoughts too! Sometimes I feel I am soooo stuck in a rut here -- and then a small change can really make all of the difference. Even tidying up a previously chaotic room! LOL! I tend to rant and rave and cry at Change -- and then mop up my tears, have a drink and some chocolate and gather myself together. "Stiff Upper Lip" -- and "This Too Shall Pass!!" LOL!

Jan x at Rosemary Cottage who is hiding inside from the Heat Blast outside! Looks like pool-time and afternoon cocktails today!

Laura Stamps said...

Thanks, Rapunzel. Lots of my book friends are members of Shelfari and love it. I tried Librarything first, and it just didn't work for me. I am chatty by nature (grin), and it didn't offer the kinds of networking tools I needed. However, I adore Goodreads because it does offer just that (a Friends feature like MySpace, great groups, an inbox/email feature for easy networking, Authors are given a fabulous page and other perks, etc.). I also belong to Linkedin (which I also love), and many SF&F forums and Yahoo/Google groups. Add to that all the fabulous blogs I visit every day, and my plate is more than full.

Plus, I must have plenty of time every day to write my novels, so I will be able to give my publisher one new novel every year to publish. And several hours for book business stuff every day, and any time left over (usually after dinner at night) is for reading the novels of other urban fantasy authors. Busy, busy! :)

BTW, I looked for your email address on your blog and profile and couldn't find it. I would love to chat more with you, so here is mine ( Send me an email and let's chat!!

motherwintermoon said...

I found you through Laura Stamps blog. So happy she's blogging! I just love her writing, poems and books.

I read you're between mother and crone. I'm presently croning.

I love Daily Om! Divine wisdom for living. Your post selection was exactly what I needed to read today.

What you wrote is too. As an abuse, domestic violence and cancer survivor I need to be reminded that "I'm doing a helluva job managing it all." Thank you. Through your reminder to yourself, you passed the affirmation to me and I needed that particular affirmation.

Isn't it beautiful the way that works?

Bountiful Blessings, MW (=^;^=)

BTW I have the same graphic as your profile graphic, but not as my profile image. It's one of my favorites.

Rapunzel said...

Jan, I love your idea of chocolate & cocktails! They will surely "cure what ails ya". ;-) I'll be in the pool shortly myself!

Rapunzel said...

Laura, I will check out Goodreads as well, thank you! And, oh, I don't have my email addy on my profile, I should fix that. In the meantime, for anyone who wants it, it's

Rapunzel said...

motherwintermoon, welcome to the castle! I'm so glad you stopped by and that you left here inspired. :-) I just visited your blog as well and can tell right away that it's going to become one of my favorites.

the domestic minx said...

Oh Rapunzel!

What a year it has been!!
It's funny how the anniversary of our birth throws all these disturbed and unsettled feelings at us, isn't it?
We question, we analyse, we dissect..
While it often leaves us unsettled, there is usually a push in a new direction.
You are strong and beautiful, Rapunzel.
And transformational!!
Go forth boldly, dear friend!


kim said...

I get my copies of new Witch at Borders. But I think I am going to just break down and get a subscription. Circle Sanctuary is another good one.
Blessed Be!

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Domestic Minx my dear. Coming from you, those compliments mean so much. :-)

Kim, I had a subscription to New Witch when it first came out, not sure why I let it lapse. I'll check out the other suggested publication as well. Thank you!

RubyShooZ said...

What wonderful words of inpiration. I get such a calming feeling reading them. It reminds me of one of my tags called "Peace amidst the storm". There is always that peace inside us that cannot be rocked.

Thanks for the post and thanks for being you.

Peae, love and understanding.