Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today's Inspiration: Shakti

From the Daily Om: Divine Feminine Force

The divine feminine goes by many names in many spiritual traditions, but at the heart of nearly all of these, Shakti can found. Hinduism specifically recognized the dynamic and potent feminine power that exists in all beings and deified it in the form of a goddess. Shakti, however, is not merely a single deity, playing a single role in the lives of humankind. Rather, she represents the fundamental creative force that is the root of all creation in the universe. In art, Shakti has taken on the outward appearance of many goddesses, but her anthropomorphized form is far less significant than the essential form she takes within each of us. Shakti's presence in our lives can be experienced in a deep and personal way, but we must first reach out to her so that we can draw upon the vital animating energy that is her gift to us.

There is no one motive that drives all beings to expend effort in the act of creation, which is precisely why Shakti can be the embodiment of power that is both constructive and destructive. Giving substance to inspiration helps to restore balance—sometimes by breaking matter or ideas down into their base components and sometimes by building them up into an object never before seen in the world. Shakti energy is intense yet multifaceted. It is simultaneously subtly illuminating and darkly fierce. There is a temptation among those touching the Shakti within themselves to ignore those elements of this powerful force that do not suit them. But to disregard this energy is to reject the fact that the elements of existence that are the most transformative and life-affirming are often those that are intensely challenging. If our aim is to become consciously balanced, we must accept the Shakti within as a unified whole rather than an amalgamation of isolated qualities.

You have likely felt Shakti's touch in your soul, even if you could not give the resultant feeling a name. When the goddess turns her gaze toward you, she recognizes the potential you embody, and her gift to you is the inspiration that allows you to realize that potential. Shakti exists in all thought, feeling, and matter, which means that you need only act upon your creative impulses to connect with the feminine power that has been a part of you since the universe's conception.


motherwintermoon said...

I love Daily Om. Thanx for sharing. Hope you had a Great Birthday! With Love n Hugs, MW (=^;^=)

the domestic minx said...

Your Goddess focus is so beautiful!
I always love this...

Hope your party went well darling.