Monday, August 6, 2007

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

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My baby's getting married!

Kali and Kevin came over Saturday afternoon to announce their engagement! I am so thrilled for both of them, couldn't ask for a nicer son-in-law, or one who loves Kali more. They are really an adorable couple and they get along so well, have been together over 3 years now and are just so happy together.

So, what's a Mom to do when this announcement is made? First, you cry, just a little. You reminisce about when she was born, bemoan the passing of time, shake your head at how much she's grown up..then you
throw a party!

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Yesterday we invited both sets of Grandparents over, as well as both my exes, she shared her good news to each as they arrived. What a wonderful mixed-up family we have! There was Beren flipping burgers as Kali's father and stepfather shared some beers, Strider's new bride frolicking in the pool and sipping chardonnay with me, her son happily playing with Beren's parents greeting Strider's parents and planning another dinner out together..all of us just having a grand ol' time! We made wonderful memories yesterday, and I look forward to many more to come.

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Welcome to the family, Kevin!


Aisling said...

Oh how exciting Rapunzel! And a completely new experience for Mom, isn't it? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Many many bright blessings on the new couple -- and to the Mom-Of-the-Bride too! Hey! That means you will have to get started on the preparations -- do they know WHEN and WHERE they will be married? Those are the two key questions to answer because many locations and dates are quickly taken! What an exciting time!

Jan x at Rosemary Cottage who loves weddings 'cause I get a spiffy outfit and a hat -- of course! LOL! :)

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...


Mother of Invention said...

Congrats tto them both. Your daughter is a beauty!
Yes, lots to do now! I think you'll be a great mom-of-the-bride and be a ton of help to your daughter.

Susan said...

Hey, M ~

Congratulations again - it was delightful to talk to you both the other day and receive the happy news!

Can't believe our kiddos are growing up so fast - seems like just yesterday we were watching the referenced-in-a-previous-blog Cabbage Patch movie (ugh... :-)

Looking forward to chatting more and hearing details of yesterday's family gathering - K looks radiant (then again, doesn't she always?... <3 )

kim said...

YAY! Congratulations!! Everyone looks so happy. What a nice big happy family!

kim said...

Thanks for visiting! BTW, Plain and Simple is one of my all time favorites too.

Jen said...

Wow congrats!

I wish them well!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for them!! Wow. Have a wonderful time planning!

the domestic minx said...

Oh congratulations Rapunzel darling!!!

What blissful news!
And what a beautiful couple they make too!

You are going to be busy at the castle now, aren't you!!!

Sending you lots of love xoxox

Julie said...

Congrats!!! What wonderful news. Now just wait until they announce a bun is in the oven and you have to look yourself in the mirror and say the word Grandmother! Talk about a fricken identity crisis.. ha ha..I am here when you need to walk through that wall of fire!

Rapunzel said...

Thank you so much for all of your kind words!! I have passed them along to Kali and her betrothed. :-)