Sunday, October 7, 2007

Autumn at the Castle

I'm pretending it's not 80-something outside, am doing some Autumn baking and cooking and enjoying the decorations I put up last week! Above is my entryway table, those are framed reproductions of antique Halloween cards. The little witch hat & sign sits atop my corner wine bar.

Below is my dining room table, underneath is the dining room "wreath" I made using a Christmas card holder. Again, the cards are simply copies of vintage postcards. I really like the affect, what do you think?

And last but not least is Jezebel, my favorite little witchy kitty!


Anonymous said...

pretty! its so hot here we can barely move let alone decorate


Jen said...

Halloween is my favorite, and I love your decorations. The cat is the best one!

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Catherine! I know, it's so hot here, too, the a/c hasn't stopped running.

Jen, thank you from me..and Jezebel. It's our favorite holiday, too. ;-)

Susan said...

Hey, M ~

Love the decorations - I need to put some of mine out/around to get in the mood (since the weather certainly isn't cooperating!).

I'll put that on tomorrow's To Do List - thanks for the inspiration... :-)

the domestic minx said...

I love it!!!
I love Halloween!
And Jezebel - oh, I had a little Jezebel once too, she was black and just like your little darling.
Perhaps Jezebel would like to pop over for a play date with Diablo!!

Rapunzel said...

Susan, your house is lovely when at it's witchy finest! ;-)

Minxy darling, Jezebel would love to play with your little devil!

Mother of Invention said...

I love your black cat! I used to have 2 of them. Love all the decs too.
Gone are the days when people handed out taffy or candy apples for treats!

RubyShooZ said...

OOh how pretty. Looks like you're all ready. It's in the 80's there? Here it's 46 degrees out and it's looking like it's gonna stay COLD here today.

I wish you were here doing some baking! If I weren't running out to the pain management clinic today I'd bake some pumpkin muffins after seeing your photos.

Thanks for sharing them, hope you're having a peaceful day today.

~ RubyShooZ ~

LadyTerri said...

What a beautiful castle you have!!! I love it, and Halloween is my favorite time of year..
And what a lovely touch! A black Cat! :)