Friday, November 9, 2007

Happiness Is...

*saving over $40.00 in coupons & sales at the grocery stores today! I'm committed to buying only what's on sale whenever possible, continuing to stock my pantry & freezer. The only exceptions are "must-haves" and fresh produce, meat, etc.

*watching Lily and friends prepare for the Homecoming football game tonight. They're painted green and look absolutely silly but what fun!

*nursing an injured kitty - though Salem did have to make an emergency visit to the vet requiring stitches in his leg, it could have been so much worse. An added blessing is the fact that we have pet insurance, whew!

*a night out on the town with my parents and kids! We had a wonderful time dancing and listening to a great country band. As my Dad said, Who'd have thunk that I'd be out "honky tonkin'" with my family?!

*being led out on the dancefloor by a "local legend," one of the area's original cowboys. At 77 this man can move better and faster than men half his age! He's an inspiration, hope I have half his energy when I get there. (not too pleased that my shirt kept creeping up and my big ol' tummy is out there for the whole bar to see but..what the hell, I was having a fabulous time!)

*a drop in temperature which allowed me to open the windows for most of today. The breeze was wonderful and I am hoping that turning the a/c off will help lower my electric bill just a bit.

*a whole day to myself...ahh...I love Fridays!


Jen said...

What a lovely post! The weather here has been so beautiful too!

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Jen! I love autumn, even in Florida, it's my favorite season.

Mother of Invention said...

And we're just starting to have to use the furnace as snow flurries are predicted in the next few days!!
Neat that your 3 generations go out together! You all have such nice dark colouring and hait etc....we're all that sandy blond thing!