Sunday, November 18, 2007

Leo Daily Horoscope: Accepting Uncertainty

Today's horoscope makes a lot of sense for me today, will write more in another post, but right now I am reeling with the uncertainty of life. I'm having some issues with family members, feel pulled from all directions, am in the middle of people who "aren't comfortable" with each other and of course the unspoken message is this: Fix it, Rapunzel. Well, I can't, not without making myself and others completely miserable. I can't fix that people don't always like each other, can't fix that the Brady Bunch didn't f-ing exist in real life, that this blended family shit is so much harder than even I, who lived through it in my own life, could have imagined. I can't help that teenagers are naturally selfish and self-centered and that sometimes adults are, too. I can't restore trust in men that was broken by insensitive fathers, can't erase years of hurt and anger. I can only do my best day by day, love the people who are in my life, both biological family and the one I've chosen, and hope that it all unfolds as the Universe intends. Right now the future seems bleak, though, and perhaps I need a fresh perspective...or a one-way ticket to Paris. Seriously, I'm considering packing my bags and my passport, draining my investment funds and hopping on a plane. Let the chips fall where they may, the other players in this drama can continue the show without me. I'm tired of playing, especially when no matter how hard I try it's simply not good enough.

November 18, 2007
Accepting Uncertainty
Leo Daily Horoscope

The important life decisions you are facing today could make you feel like being more cautious. Having uncertainty about the future could generate concern over the ways in which the choices you make today can affect your life. While being careful is wise, understanding that nothing in life is definite and that the only control you have is over your mind and the ways in which it perceives the world might make it easier for you to temper your sense of prudence with receptivity to ambiguity today. By seeing this, you may notice that even though nothing in life is guaranteed, every decision you make has a positive outcome for you will always have an opportunity to learn new things, even if something doesn’t work out the way you wish it.

Since we can’t control the ways in which our future unfolds, it is important for us to learn to find the balance between discretion and acceptance of uncertainty. When we recognize that our decisions aren’t always set in stone, we begin to see that life presents us with opportunities that we never thought would occur. Our choices do factor into this but not to the lasting extent we may think they do. Even the most well-thought-out plans can change and morph into something other than what we anticipated. By realizing that you can’t control the outcome of your decisions today, you will develop a greater peace of mind about what the future holds for you.

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Anonymous said...

A fellow Leo who has been sleeping far longer than she should in the morning -- and hiding in the bed earlier in the evening. I try to accept uncertain ways -- but I never liked those Horror Houses in the fairgrounds -- where scary things suddenly leapt out from dark and creepy corners. Even mirrors frighten me these days -- who is that old strange crone there? And where the devil did she hide my true face? So hard to stay on the Path!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage