Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank You and Inspiration

Thanks to all of you who have posted comments/written me regarding my quietness and decrease in posting. I am ok, just busy and stressed with the usual holiday madness as well as some other "stuff" going on in my life. It's nothing life-threatening, don't worry, but it does impact my mood and mental state. So..I'm trudging along trying to put aside the stressful things and focus on the good stuff..to choose love...some days are certainly easier than others!

Much love and Happy Holidays to you all, I promise I'll be back in the swing of things soon!! Thank you so very much for caring! xoxoxo

Daily OM
December 11, 2007
What We Are Made Of
Choose Love

Love is often presented as the opposite of fear, but true love is not opposite anything. True love is far more powerful than any negative emotions, as it is the environment in which all things arise. Negative emotions are like sharks swimming in the ocean of love. All things beautiful and fearful, ugly and kind, powerful and small, come into existence, do their thing, and disappear within the context of this great ocean. At the same time, they are made of the very love in which they swim and can never be separated. We are made of this love and live our whole lives at one with it, whether we know it or not.

It is only the illusion that we are separate from this great love that causes us to believe that choosing anything other than love makes sense or is even possible. In the relative, dualistic world of positive and negative, darkness and light, male and female, we make choices and we learn from them. This is exactly what we are meant to be doing here on earth. Underlying these relative choices, though, is the choice to be conscious of what we are, which is love, or to be unconscious of it. When we choose to be conscious of it, we choose love. We will still exist in the relative world of opposites and choices and cause and effect, and we will need to make our way here, but doing so with an awareness that we are all made of this love will enable us to be more playful, more joyful, more loving and wise, as we make our way. Ultimately, the choices we make will shed light on the love that makes us all one, enabling those who have forgotten to return to the source.

This world makes it easy to forget this great love, which is part of why we are here. We are here to remember and, when we forget to remember again, to choose love.


Susan said...

Hey, M ~

How great to hear your "voice" - I know when I'm feeling the way you are, I want space... so that's the gift I gave... <3

I'll be leaving work about 5:30 and am dropping something off in your mailbox - enjoy... and Happy Holidays to you (real card for the family to follow in a few days through the USPS!).

Jen said...

It's good to hear from you, I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

RubyShooZ said...

I came by to wish you all the best during this holiday season and in the new year that's on it's way - I wish for you to have beauty, love, peace and understanding to keep and protect you and I hope that the new year is filled with wonderful possibilities to learn new things and to experience joy and hope along the way.

Much love to you, today and every day.

~ RubyShooZ ~