Friday, December 28, 2007

What do Your Christmas Gifts Say About You?

As I was putting away my holiday gifts yesterday I had to laugh out loud..some of them are so unusual, especially considering the giver, and they are so eclectic, really representing the various parts of me! So I decided to post some of them with you here for your amusement, feel free to share some of your own revealing presents! *wink*

*Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3D by Suzanne Lloyd - from Kali & Kevin!

*a bottle of VS Heavenly perfume - from Lily

*a poster-print of Klimt's The Kiss - from Bambi

*Girls Next Door workout dvd - from all of my children!

*a fabulous food processor, the French Kiss soundtrack cd and some zebra-striped slippers - from my Mom

*a white ceramic measuring cup, milk frother, French latte mug, bright red spatula, Paris wall calendar and gold hanging tea-light lanterns - from Beren & his girls

*Also from Beren: a red faux snakeskin overnight bag packed with a sexy nightie, bath toiletries, two Couples Coupon books (one of them nice, the other very naughty!) which I can't wait to redeem, and a hand-made coupon entitling me to an overnight stay in Bimini!
(By the way, among other things I gave Beren a Pirate Pin-up Calendar!)

So, there you go. Did you learn anything about me you didn't already know? Probably not, I'm a rather open book, aren't I? *smile*


Jen said...

Yep, that is definitely a very interesting list! I'm not half so intriguing if you look at my gifts, but I did get this one really beautiful serape wrap thing that is way to fancy for any event I will ever attend in my known life. Maybe I could make a little table runner out of it or something.

Julie said...

Humm - well the most "interesting" gift I recieved was a pair of black leather chaps to wear on cold days when we ride the motorcycles. They fit like they were made for me!...and yeah ..I think they are kind of sexy too.

Rapunzel said...

Jen, I bet that wrap is gorgeous! A table runner is a wonderful idea. :-)

Julie, oh, yeah! Chaps are very sexy! Remember that I hang with a lot of bikers and therefore gravitate toward biker clothes, except for chaps - you've gotta really have a bike to carry that one off. ;-)

Domestic Chicky said...

I love the girls next door workout! Silly I know, but it's low impact, and you definitely get a nice light workout form it-enough to get the old bones moving

Mother of Invention said...

Sounds like you did really well and have all kinds of neat and exciting things to look forward to!!! (Say no more!)

Happy New Year!