Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hope & Optimism

More about growth & that I've had some downtime and a good night's sleep I can focus on the positive changes just around the bend, and be grateful for them. I have such wonderful friends & family, an amazing support system through all of the ups & downs, I really am blessed! Thanks so much to all of you.

This evening while Beren visits his girls I am going to the movies with mine. What a treat, I never get to the theater, and especially not with my daughters! Unfortunately Lily has to work but I'm ever-so-grateful that Kali and Bambi can fit some Mom time in their really crazy schedules!

Like our friend Jr. says, "It's all good!"

January 30, 2008
Resources For Growth
Leo Daily Horoscope

You may feel hopeful and expectant about your future today. You could be focusing on the promise of future endeavors or thinking about the positive changes you want to make in your life. This feeling lends itself well to new beginnings, and you may want to spend some time alone formulating a plan to usher in the next exciting phase of your life. Whether you want to develop a better fitness regime or embark on a new career, simply channeling your energy to the formation of something better will get the process started in powerful ways today. Then, by keeping your optimism strong and vibrant, you will be able to begin taking the steps that will lead to the fulfillment of your dreams.

A hopeful, optimistic attitude is a powerful resource in our plans to build a better life. Though we can plan and prepare for the achievement of our goals, doing so without a strong sense of optimism will limit the amount of creative energy we generate. By choosing instead to combine a hopeful outlook, high expectations, and a solid plan, we give ourselves the ability to stay motivated and inspired. We can then be consistent in our efforts to form better life circumstances and keep looking forward to our next phase of growth. By channeling your optimistic mind-set through a comprehensive plan of action today, you will be tapping the natural resources within you and using them to build your best life.

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~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I hope you have a great time with your girls.