Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

That was then...

..and this is now!

Hot Date - Summer of 1981

Valentine's Day 2008

When Beren and I dated the first time around, back in the early 80's, we spent a wildly wonderful summer together. He was finishing his first year of college and I was ready to enter my senior year of high school...we were young and madly in love, spent every possible moment together, dreading the end of summer when he had to return to college. One night, after a long day at the beach, he pooled his summer-job income and treated me to a "fancy" dinner at local themed restaurant called The Ark. I remember how excited I was, how romantic the whole evening...well, almost 27 years later we sought out that restaurant again to celebrate Valentines Day. It's still there, though the crowd had changed and bit and the interior slightly worn, and though we ourselves are older and grayer and a bit faded ourselves, it didn't matter. I was still just as thrilled to be there with him, even more hopelessly in love than the first time around, ever-so-grateful that we found each other again.

Thank you, Beren, and Happy Valentine's Day. I love you..then, now, always.


Jen said...

Nice to see you!

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

That's a really cute date idea; I'm glad that you had a nice Valentine's Day. :)

Teacats said...

What a wonderful story -- and gorgeous pictures of a forever-young couple in love. Glowing and happy -- true images of Valentine's Day!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage