Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

We had such an amazing Easter weekend, the perfect balance of family, friends & fun! Since they are putting a new roof on the castle and the noise is deafening, we did our best to stay out as much as possible.  What a hardship, eh?
Boston Johnny’s

Friday night we went to Boston Johnny’s to see Sooner or Later, had a great time there with friends.


Saturday we did our haus frau chores and puttered around, cooked a nice dinner and relaxed until the evening when we joined tons of work friends to see one of the partners in his new band, Bonehed. We stopped for a nice greasy breakfast at Lester’s on the way home, the perfect hangover preventative!
Easter Brunch

Easter morning came much too early, but we managed to rouse ourselves out of bed in time to host brunch for the family and watch the kids open their Easter baskets. (yeah, even at 23, 18 and 16 the bunny still comes to visit them!) Unfortunately my Mom is sick with that nasty cold so she & Dad weren’t able to make it, wasn’t the same without them. Strider stopped by for a bit, though, so that was a nice surprise.
The Easter Bunny

Sunday afternoon found us once again escaping the roofer noise (bless them for working on a holiday!), so we headed to a local charity benefit, were treated to new-to-us band,
Trucker, what a great show! We met an especially lovely version of the Easter bunny whose basket was filled with... Jello shots!

Overall a fabulous weekend but I’d venture to say that next week will be a tiny bit quieter....well, maybe!

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Mother of Invention said...

You southern babes look great and are tanned! I'm so envious!!!