Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Leo Daily Horoscope: Gratitude Shared


Funny how appropriate today's horoscope is since I did indeed wake up this morning feeling incredibly grateful for my life. I am overall in a really good place right now - financially, emotionally, physically. Though there are always improvements to be made I believe that I have finally gained what I've been longing for for years now: Stability. Not perfection, just a solid feeling of goodness.

My children are doing well: Bambi has a good job, earning good grades in school, has a nice circle of friends. Lily only has 8 more days of high school, is graduating early, ordered her cap & gown yesterday. She has a new job which she enjoys and she and her dad are currently hunting for a newer car to replace the lemon we bought after her accident. Kali is graduating from college in a month, and then she and Kevin will be getting married in June! I can't believe it, couldn't be prouder of her. As for my romantic relationship, we are grow closer every day and I truly believe that he his my soul mate. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new about him, I go to sleep every night still in awe that he is lying beside me. We have good friends, a lot of fun times, aren't wealthy but have enough money in the bank to make ends meet..well, most months anyway. *smile* My parents are healthy & happy, join us for holidays and birthdays and are an active part of our lives.

You know, when I think back at all of the "bad things" that happened to me I can truly see that there was always something good to come out of them. If Beren and I hadn't broken up 25 years ago I never would've married Strider and had Kali; if I hadn't divorced him I never would've remarried and given birth to Lily and Bambi, would never have been as financially secure thanks to my ex-husband's hard work and good pension. If we hadn't divorced I wouldn't have reconnected with Beren and created this wonderful life together. Even my leg surgery/cancer scare 16 years ago gave me a new outlook & appreciation for life that I hold on to this day. My second divorce caused me to stretch myself and grow in ways I never thought possible, and the need for more money sent me to my wonderful job where I've met so many new friends.

I know that it won't be long before some crisis or another threatens to shake my feeling of well-being so I am going to cherish this moment right here, snuggle down in the blanket of peace & contentment. If I hold on very tight and tuck away this feeling deep into myself perhaps I can remember it for those times when life is not so rosy..I can recall it and realize that this, too, shall pass and that overall, in the big picture, everything is absolutely fine and as it should be, that I am a very fortunate woman indeed.

March 18, 2008
Gratitude Shared
Leo Daily Horoscope

You may come to realize today that fortune has been on your side throughout your life. As you gaze about you at the individual empire you have built, you will likely feel the weight of your own abundance settle on your shoulders. If you can disregard thoughts of the hypothetical catastrophes that may befall you in the future, you can feel real gratitude where your prosperity is concerned. You may be inspired to not only thank the universe but also those individuals who supported you while your current quest for satisfaction was in its infancy. Today can be a wonderful time to share your literal and figurative wealth with those who have not enjoyed the same opportunities and advantages.

When we understand the extent of, and are truly grateful for, the blessings we have received, we naturally feel inspired to do what we can to ensure that others can enjoy the same advantages that allowed us to prosper. Those people who feel disadvantaged have little impetus to share their abundance, as they are afraid to lose what they have acquired over time. We lose this reticence when we are secure in our prosperity, thankful for what we have achieved yet certain that there is more to come. Often, it is the appreciation for the help we have been given that inspires us to spread our life’s richness among those in need. As you come to appreciate the overwhelming fullness of your life today, you will learn the true value of wealth and spiritual plenty.

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Teacats said...

Gratitude can be hard to dig up here at Rosemary Cottage due to "interesting" financial times -- but I try to recognize that faint glimmer of silver in the storm clouds that are rolling through the Dallas area. The grass will be green; the trees across the road in the greenbelt are looking happier -- and the cats are peaceful and cuddled up in various spots!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage