Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thifty Thursday

In addition to last Saturday's thrift store finds, this week I saved money by:

*using coupons and buying on sale at the grocery store, total saved $69.95

*Since my girls have gotten older, I always include a dvd in their Easter basket in lieu of toys. This year the holiday snuck up on me and since they requested some obscure titles, I knew I wouldn't be able to find them all at my local stores. So, I went online and signed up for a free trial membership of Amazon Prime; this allowed me to enjoy 2-day shipping for free! My order arrived today, plenty of time to tuck them into baskets amidst the candy & eggs

*With Kali's wedding only 3 months away, it was now time to book the caterer and put down a deposit. Strider and I met with them on Wednesday, did a taste test and looked a lovely sideshow of past events they've catered. We are very happy with the company but the budget needed just a bit of tweaking and we spoke frankly with the owners about this. With making a few small changes to the menu we were able to take hundreds off the price, and then saved another 5% ($400!) by agreeing to pay cash. Wow! It's amazing what you can do if you're just honest and upfront, good businesses are willing to work with you to ensure a satisfied customer and a successful outcome.

*Sorely in need of a dental visit and long overdue for a cleaning, I reluctantly dug into my meager savings and made an appointment with a new dentist. Upon hearing that I have no dental insurance, the kind receptionist suggested that I check out this discount dental/vision program by Aetna.
I signed up immediately; for $130.00 a year it gives my whole family hefty discounts. I'm so glad I did when I got the bill for the dental work I need: $443.00. Without the discount plan? Nearly $900.00! I think I got my $130.00 worth, don't you?

*Beren and I found ourselves with a rare afternoon off together and were tempted to go out to a nice, but surely costly, lunch. Instead we ate some leftovers, poured a glass of wine and popped in a movie. Cheaper, healthier,better for our budget, and more romantic in the long run. *wink*

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