Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wolfie Weekend

Despite the nasty cold that refuses to leave my system, I forced myself out a bit this weekend in the name of wolfy fun.

Friday night Beren and I went to a new-to-us bar to see Grey Wolf, so glad that we made the effort as I so love this band! What a wonderful mix of music, from Elvis (my fave) to Jimmy! They are definitely on my must-see Myspace calendar from now on.

Saturday my Sweetie drove me all the way to Naples for the Sacred Wolf event..sigh..though I didn't get nearly enough interaction with my wolves (plan for that later) as I needed, it was an amazing experience. I was able to sit next to my soul mate, holding his hand as we were led through a beautiful guided meditation..walked through the woods holding tiki torches, shivering slightly thanks to the unexpected cold front...warmed ourselves in front of a raging fire around a sacred circle that is apparently the focus of many pagan gatherings..drums thumping in the background..ah....just a lovely, dreamy, spirit-filled night.

Thank you, Beren, for making the drive, and for sharing the experience with me, for loving and supporting all the wild & wacky parts of me, for having fun in the most unexpected of ways! The fact that it was an anniversary-of-sorts for us..well, that makes it even more magical.

P.S. edited to add, Beren and I headed over to a local outdoor bar for the afternoon to hang with friends and listen to a band, walked up to the bar to find a huge wolf dog sitting there with his owner! Coincidence? A perfect ending to my lupus-themed weekend!


Aisling said...

Rapunzel, You are so fortunate to have someone who walks along side you as you celebrate who you are!

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Aisling! I do feel very blessed indeed. :-)