Monday, June 30, 2008

No Graze Days of Summer

I have got to get my eating under control! Between the wedding festivities and *stress-related emotional eating, the weight has climbed back up to my all-time high. Instead of being disgusted with myself and do all of that typical non-productive self-flagellation, I'm simply going to join Heather over at Simple-Green-Frugal in her "No Graze Days Summer" challenge.

Basically, her "rules" are as follows:

1. Meditate
2. Enjoy one meal in the company of someone else
3. Slow down while eating
4. No multi-tasking while eating
5. Sit down while eating

It's not going to be easy, I have fallen into some bad habits but it's never to late to get back on track.

Now, in order to do this I need to go back to my "old ways" of menu planning/freezer cooking from back when I was home full time. There's really no reason I can't do this, I'm only working part time for goodness' sake! With Mom being ill I'm going to be helping Dad with the cooking as well as spending more time with her so I really need to get organized here.

So, I am going to try Home Ec 101's Monday Menu idea, will see how that goes. My problem is that I'll plan a meal only to find out that either no one's at home to eat it or, in Beren's case, "Oh,I just had that for lunch today, honey, I'll just fix myself something else." At which point he heats up the deep fryer or tosses a frozen pizza in the oven. Sigh. I'm not sure how to fix that problem, any thoughts?

So, here goes...because I am buying myself a new Crock Pot today (my old one is burning the heck out of things!), I'm going to focus on some slow cooking recipes found in a recent issue of Woman's Day. I loooove their Slow Cook Once, Eat Twice feature! There are some delicious dessert recipes in the June 17 issue as well, they'll be perfect for our July 4th BBQ.

I'll provide the menu here now but will post the recipes as I go along unless you all want all the recipes up front? Let me know, am wide open to suggestions/advice!

*Monday: Spinach and Bean Casserole

*Tuesday: Ratatouille with Pasta

*Wednesday: Pan Bagna

*Thursday: Cuban Chicken

*Friday: Independence Day BBQ - the typical grillin' fare along with Tropical Chicken Salad, Key Lime Bars and Caribbean Ice Cream Pie


Teacats said...

Me! I will join in on the no-graze ideas. However -- when I the Jennie Craig diet many years ago (and took off 35 pounds!) I will say that the "Three Meals, Three Snacks" and "No Eating After 7 p.m." really did make the most sense in terms of maintaining energy levels AND keeping a even-keel with the spirit too. I am sitting here with another cup of tea -- and trying NOT to go back and find a snack!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage who does not want to face her Fiftith Birthday in August carrying too much weight of any kind -- physical OR emotional! :)

Heather said...

Post the menu somewhere visible, but if he still comes home and doesn't eat what you cooked. Try not to take offense, just store what you can as use it for another meal. So, the first few weeks, until the regular cooking feels normal, I would only plan four nights a week. This will give you extra time to use up leftovers.
Hang in there.

Rapunzel said...

Jan, welcome to the "no graze" club!! :-)

Rapunzel said...

Heather, great idea, thank you! This week has been all out-of-sorts already..sigh...we'll get there, though.