Friday, July 11, 2008

Bliss of Solitude

My horoscope is particularly fitting today since, as I wrote to a friend this morning, I am embracing quiet and solitude in a big way. I've been driving with the radio off, or playing soothing classical music. I've been retreating to my bedroom more often, closing the door on the blaring tv and household noises. Though I haven't been reading as much in the past couple of years, I've returned once again to the comfort of my books. I've spent more time outdoors, too, tending to my little garden or just watching and listening to nature. Last night I took a long dip in the pool, relished in the warmth and peace under the water. I even tried out Kali's mermaid monofin and though I surely didn't resemble one, I felt like a lithe and graceful mermaid frolicking in the sea! Silly, perhaps, but so what? The one thing I've learned from Mom's illness so far is to laugh, love, and live more.

So today I'm going to take even more quiet moments for myself, even the time here on the computer counts as it helps me process my thoughts and sort out my feelings on my own, without dumping on anyone else. Sometimes I really am my own best company.

July 11, 2008
Bliss Of Solitude
Leo Daily Horoscope

You may be easily upset today. Feelings of agitation could plague you, leaving you prone to irritability so that you are quick to lash out at others. Because you may be feeling very emotional and reactive, you may find yourself becoming easily overwhelmed or exhausted. You could relieve some of the anxiety you feel and regain your emotional equilibrium by retreating into your home or another private, solitary place. When you’re alone today, you’ll likely feel comfortable accessing your innermost thoughts and feelings and bringing them to the surface where you can view them clearly. You could also benefit from determining whether you’ve been neglecting your needs or pushing aside the voice of your intuition.

The peace you experience during solitude can be the balm that soothes your soul when life’s uncertainties begin to frustrate and agitate you. The world is replete with noisy distractions and people competing for your time. Being alone allows you to focus your attention inward and commune with yourself as you bask in the silence. You’ll be able to address your needs easily as the small, quiet voice of your inner self becomes audible in the stillness. With no one to interrupt your reflections, you can examine the root of your irritability and determine how you can combat it, either inwardly or by making changes to your life. You can control your environment and simply bask in tranquility. Embracing solitude today will relax you and help you gain a more complete understanding of yourself.


Naturegirl said...

It is easy to get lost in a sea of complications...solitude allows us to enjoy the goodness of self..Your image today is dreamy!
I noticed your cancer poem on sidebar..I'm a survivor as is my husband! We are both on solid ground! :)NG

Rapunzel said...

Naturegirl, such positive news about you and your hubby! Thank you for stopping by the castle.