Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily Routine

Since I posted about my pursuit of a peaceful home, I've been making a concerted effort to get things under control and achieve that goal. I dusted off my old household notebook and implemented the Morning/Afternoon/Evening routine that worked so well when I followed it before. I haven't been perfect, there have been days when I went to bed with dishes in the sink because I got a better offer (*wink* *wink*) but for the most part I've kept up on things much better. When I work the system, the system works for me, it's as simple as that.

Now, this week I need to get back on track with the weekly schedule, but that's for another day. For now I'm just going to reward myself with a big ol' pat on the back and a fresh cuppa java. *clink* *clink* Cheers to me! (No, there's not Kahlua in my coffee, really there's not!)

Morning Routine

Personal Care (shower, dress, make-up, other necessary beautification)
Pet Care (feed/water/scoop litter/cuddle)
Make bed, tidy bedroom & bath (pick up the lingerie that was tossed onto the floor the night before..oops!)
Prep for dinner if necessary
Tidy kitchen & Living Areas
Quick e-mail check
Off to Work

Afternoon Routine

Gym on the way home from work
Laundry as needed
Update organizer, handle day's mail & paperwork
Spend 30 minutes in Focus Area (more on this later)
Start Dinner

Evening Routine

Beren Care (pre-dinner cocktail and cuddle)
Serve dinner to grateful family
Clean up dinner dishes
Set up morning coffee
Pack lunch
Pet Care (see above)
Tidy living Areas
Personal Care (Brush/floss/Bubble Bath/don sexy lingerie)
Choose fabulous outfit for tomorrow
Take out trash
Read/relax before bed
Beren Care (cuddle, romance, swoon)
Sweet Dreams!


Aisling said...

Wow, don't you make that routine sound like good fun! *grin*

Enjoy the day!

Rapunzel said...

Aisling, lol, I try!

Debbie said...

You are too funny. I like your writing style. I have found that the older I get the more I need a schedule/planner/organizer to keep me focused and on track. Somedays though it is fun to just be spontaneous and spend time in the blogosphere! Let's see - blogging or laundry? Decisions, decisions.

Anonymous said...

You sound like me where is that trusty notebook!?! Whats a girl suppose to do with out it! I love your blog! I am so glad you came to visit me! Please come back and say hello! Hugs


Rapunzel said...

Debbie, I wrestle with those decisions every day myself! ;-)

Rapunzel said...

Gypsy Mermaid, thank you so much for visiting the Castle! Please stop by again anytime! xoxox

Teacats said...

Great routine -- especially the prep work -- always keeps life in better balance! Thanks for sharing!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

linda said...

wow, I am impressed!! I might make a list but never seem to do what's on it...why is that? oh well, I love reading your blog, you inspire me to be more organized(someday) and even cook once in awhile!!

romance is a very very good idea too ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I need to set up some sort of routine for myself...granted, I never seem to get out of work on time so that would probably be an issue...but once I actually get out of work and drive home, I need something other than laying around the house.

Rapunzel said...

Jan, don't you find that the prep work is the hardest part? Yet when that's done, everything else is a snap! :)

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Linda! I feel like if I post it here then I must do it, that accountability thing, you know?

Rapunzel said...

Silver, the lack of motivation hits me, too, believe me! I forced myself to do my evening routine last night, was so tired. But this morning when I woke up to fresh coffee and clean kitchen, I was so grateful that I did!

Teacats said...

Prep work IS the hardest for me -- because I can be such a procrastinator! But -- as you mentioned -- waking up to a clean kitchen and coffee is SO worth the effort! For example -- I finally organized my makeup drawer with small baskets to hold pencils etc.-- one for "Face"; one for "Eyes" and one for "Lips" -- just that small touch really help MOVE things along! Still LOTS to do around here!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage