Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I HEART McDonald's!

Those who know me in "real life" are well-aware of my anti-junk food lifestyle, the fact that I made a resolution to give up fast food back in 2001 and have rarely cheated. I don't need it, want it, or miss it most of the time. I love to cook and there are soooo many more delicious, healthy (and perhaps unhealthy) things out there to eat that don't come in paper bags from drive-thru windows.

However......ever since my Mom got sick she's been losing weight..rapidly. My always-svelte Mama is now about 86 pounds..gulp..she's lost about 20 pounds in a few months. When we asked her doctor how to combat this issue, he suggested supplements, appetite enhancers, and the "see food diet." So that's what we're doing. Anything she wants, we get. Homemade stuffed shells from my kitchen? You got it. Lily's key lime pie? Done deal. Anything else? Yes..McDonalds. Almost every day she requests it. Big macs. Fries. Milk Shakes. Cheeseburgers. The works! So, we giggle and we oblige. One day last week Lily made three separate trips to the hospital's McDonald's, and my vegetarian daughter was more than happy to do it. Today I brought her a happy meal and watched her face light up as she played with the silly little toy, was the absolute highlight of my day!

So, f**k mad cow disease, to hell with fat & cholesterol! I'm putting aside my snobby, fast-food hating attitude and driving through those golden arches every chance I get. 'Cause if it's good enough for my Mom, if it's putting meat on her bones and making her just a little bit stronger, if it makes her smile as she gobbles up that happy meal and slurps that calorie-laden shake, it's damned good enough for me!

Thank  you, Ronald.  I'm lovin' it!


Jen said...

Wow, next time I need to gain weight, I'll have to try that diet, lol.

I hope your mom is able to put on the weight she needs to!

We've been trying to avoid eating out, except once a month. We went out last night, and while I really enjoyed my burger, I felt yucky for the rest of the day. So I'm determined to keep on. Thanks again for all the delicious recipes you post, you are an inspiration!

Heather @ SGF said...

I'm totally anti-fast food too, but when my grandfather was ill, all we could get him to eat was Chick-fil-a's chicken nuggets. We did what we had to. I do think it's a bit ironic that there's a McD's in the hospital. Talk about a partnership - they make the people sick and the hospital treats them :)

Teacats said...

The bottom line is simply to get her to eat -- and enjoy eating again! A great attitude from you and your whole family! BTW -- LOVE their fries! LOL!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Julie said...

Ummm - tell me it isn't sooooo... snicker snicker..

I am the high cholesterol queen...so I will have to pass. I am thrilled though that it is helping your Mom maintain her weight.

Rapunzel said...

Jen, I know just what you mean, the fast food always makes me feel yucky afterward. :-p

Heather, I hate the fact that there's a McDonalds in the hospital, too! Seems ridiculous but at this point it's great for me. :-)

Jan, I love their fries, too...groan...

Julie, I hope to get her on the scale and see some positive results, she is just soo tiny and frail..

Karla said...

Glad to hear she's able to eat something and gain a little weight.

naturewitch said...

I know this sounds strange, but there's something about chemo that makes you crave McDonalds - it's the only time in my life that I actually wanted to eat it. I think it was the pickles or sauce or something. Bizarre, but true. Btw, I'm a cancer survivor - maybe your Mum will be, too.

love and light

Rapunzel said...

Naturewitch, thank you for stopping by the castle! I'm so glad that you're survivor, look forward to hearing more success stories. :-)