Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Writing Diet?

I was just reading an article in one of my favorite magazines, Body + Soul, which I found very interesting. I really like Julia Cameron's books, especially The Right to Write, but the morning pages were difficult for me. I have a hard time with actual writing nowadays, would prefer to use the keyboard. Even when I'm on Weight Watchers, I use their online tools instead of the paper food journal. I'm going to include a snippet of the article but you can read the whole thing here, then let me know what you think. I seriously need to get my eating back on track, I feel pudgy and soft instead of curvy and voluptuous. *wink* Not a good look for a pin-up!

Dieting Trick: Keep a Food Journal

So you're ready to try again. You've got the books, the healthy snacks in the fridge, and, yes, you even threw away that secret stash of Oreos in the back of the pantry. Ah, the familiar rush of a new weight-loss plan: a heady mix of hope, promise, and fantasy shopping. But how can you make this time different, and finally step off the diet merry-go-round?

Grab a pen. Writing -- everything from keeping a food log to free-association journaling -- is a powerful tool when it comes to healthy eating and shedding pounds. Putting pen to paper helps break the momentum during a rush to the pretzel jar, and studies show that writing down what you eat can help you lose weight and keep it off. "Two of the most important factors in weight loss are intention and monitoring," says Sasha Loring, a psychotherapist with Duke Integrative Medicine at Duke University. "Writing can help with both."


Helena S. said...

I tend to gain weight when I write a lot. I eat unhealthy snacks because I need to get sugar in my brain and I don't have time to cook. And you can't write when you are exercising so...

Helena S. said...

And I love Julia Cameron and I prefer writing with an actual pen too. That's what I meant to say at first. :-)

Rapunzel said...

Helena, thank you for visiting the Castle!

When I get heavily involved in a project, writing or anything else, I forget to eat. I think that's part of what Julia discovered during her Artists Way workshops, the participants naturally lost weight when they engrossed themselves in other activity.