Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happiness Is...a Mental Health Day!

I've been feeling a bit gloomy and under the weather so I took yesterday off and spent some time treating myself to:

*a trip to the hair salon where I had my tresses colored, trimmed and styled. Mmm...that scalp massage was so relaxing!

*a visit to the gourmet market for roses, strawberries, fancy water and a fabulous new magazine

*a bubble bath with yummy new soap I bought in New York

*a little afternoon cat nap (kitten included)

*a before dinner glass of wine and some girl talk with Rhiannon at my favorite Italian restaurant

*an evening out with Beren enjoying one of our best friends' band perform at a great little tropical bar & grille

I realize more & more that no one else is going to "take care" of me, I have to do these things for myself. A day of pampering and a bit of self-indulgence really gets this gal back on track....ahh.....I now feel refreshed and ready to return to work this morning!


Teacats said...

My kind of wonderful day -- brillant posting -- off to do my own hair color here at Rosemary Cottage!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Rapunzel said...

Jan, enjoy your day of beauty! :-)
I wish I could do my own hair, would save me $$$ but it's too long for me to manage on my own. I tried it once, long time ago, and it ended up green! :-o

Aurora said...

Oooooooo, didn't you just LOVE that issue of Gourmet!? I can't get enough of foodie magazines.

Smart little witch to practice extreme self care...

Blessed be