Friday, September 12, 2008

Introducing Selene

"Selene was the Greek Goddess of the Full Moon and of Solutions. She was known as the second aspect of the Moon; the full moon, representing the lover and bride. If someone had a problem, it was Selene that he would turn to, and she would show him the logical solution to his problem.

Since Selene was a Moon Goddess and Helios, her brother, the Sun God, they were often associated with Apollo and Artemis, because they were healers, and thus worshipping them seemed the logical way to prevent diseases or death.

Selene was known as a great beauty, just as the Moon was so very beautiful. Homer, in his Hymn to Selene 2, described Selene, the Moon: "From her immortal head a radiance is shown from heaven and embraces earth; and great is the beauty that arises from her shining light."

Selene has been envisioned as a beautiful adult woman, wearing a golden crown, appearing gentle, quiet and secure in the knowledge of her power."

Today I'm like to introduce you to Selene, my workmate and one of my closet friends. She's a beautiful 30-something woman, single mom to two fantastic children, hard worker, wonderful mother/sister/friend. We've only known each other a year or so yet we bonded quickly and tightly, an immediate connection. In her words, she feels as if "we go way back." Working together allows us the opportunity to share our lives in ways that I can't with other friends, frequent contact breeds intimacy; we know what each ate for dinner last night, the funny things our kids did and said that morning, our latest shoe acquisition, all the joys and woes of daily life. We bitch about work, weight, men, money, politics, and men some more. Since our menstrual cycles are even in sync, we exchange chocolate and Midol and bemoan the trials & tribulations of womanhood. Selene is Italian - earthy and honest and real. She's the one you go to with a big problem; she'll sit you down in her kitchen and serve up a healthy dose of brutal honesty while softening the blow with a big bowl of pasta. You'll take both gratefully and with love, leave full & contented, knowing that your secrets are safe with her. She's an old soul, beyond her years, and I often look to her for wisdom and guidance.

Thank you, Selene, my new old friend. I look forward to many years of dishing, bitching, and shoe shopping with you!



Aisling said...


How wonderful that you have Selene in your life, and that she is close by to offer love and support when needed. I'm so glad to "meet" her.


Deb said...

Interesting. I just posted about my friends. Funny how that happens! I guess great minds think alike :) I left a healthy, no calorie 'treat' for you over at my place - enjoy.

Julie said...

Please keep us in your prayers - Hurricane Ike is headed straight over our farm. We expect a rocky few days with all of our animals. I will try and keep my blog updated.

Julie said...

Please keep us in your prayers. The eye of Huricane Ike is headed directly over our farm. We expect a few rough days with all of our animals. I will try and keep the blog updated as best as I can.

Rapunzel said...

Deb, I'm headed over to your place right now, can't wait to see what you "cooked up" for me! :-)