Sunday, October 5, 2008

Biscuits, Anyone?

Beren wants to have yesterday's leftover Chicken & Noodles for lunch but thinks it would be tasty over biscuits, could I make him some. Yikes. I lowered my head and mumbled'm not a very good biscuit maker. It's true. Every time I've attempted to make any version that doesn't pop out of a can, they fall flat. However, I'm going to give it another go for My Man, especially since he'll be doing the cooking tonight and I should show my appreciation, right? *wink*

I do have Bisquick on hand so I should be able to whip up a decent almost-homemade batch with the help of this little old recipe. Wish me luck!


Catherine said...

ahhh, the tyranny of biscuit making...I went to a church supper once and raved about the biscuits. High, light fluffy with perfecty browned top...magically splitting in two equal halves. I asked the biscuit maker could she please teach me how to make them. She nodded, and I followed her to the church kitchen.
She pulled out a box of Bisquick and said "Stir it with a table fork no more than ten times;, flatten with your hands - no pin, and make only half as many as the recipe says".

mrsb said...

I have to say, Bisquick biscuits are pretty darn good!

Rapunzel said...

Catherine, ooh! I'm going to try that method next time, will let you know the outcome. Thank you!

Rapunzel said...

MrsB, I think so, too - when done properly, lol! For the record, mine turned out like flat pancakes. *blush* I won't give up, though, on the perfect biscuit!