Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As American as "Cherry" Pie

Needing to distract myself and keep my mind busy, and inspired by Election Day and the whole Americana thing, I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen this afternoon. (After I voted, of course!)

We rarely eat pork at the Castle but I got some boneless chops as part of an introductory package at Omaha Steaks and didn't want them to go to waste. Since potatoes were BOGO at the grocery store, I made a slowcooker version of this recipe, adding a bit of shredded cheddar to the mix. While that was simmering I whipped up a loaf of bread and a homemade cherry pie.

Mmm...everything smells heavenly! I'm looking forward to sitting down with a glass of wine after dinner and watching the results come in.


Helena S. said...

Oh gosh, I read "Obama" steaks. And that pin up looks like Palin without glasses. Creepy. Hope it's not an omen... What are the donkey and the elephant doing there?

ELLIE said...

sounds like a perfect evening!!!

Rapunzel said...

Helena, LOL! You just ruined that pin-up for me!

As you know by now, YES, WE DID!!

Rapunzel said...

Ellie, it was very nice and relaxing!