Friday, November 21, 2008

On My Hearth: Ay Caramaba Chicken Spaghetti

Thanks to The Full Mommy, I just discovered that one of my other favorite bloggers, Confessions of an Apron Queen, has entered a Velveeta Casserole Challenge! Of course I voted for her, and have this tasty-sounding recipe on my hearth for this evening. I am sure that even certain picky eaters in the castle are going to gobble it right up!

Note: yes, I am trying to cut back on processed foods but it's the end of the month, the budget is tight and I happen to have these ingredients on hand. Need I say more?


Sorrow said...

I have 6
yes i said 6
vegetarians coming for thanksgiving...
I need you to post some scrumptious veggie recipes!
or else I need to get to the library and start hunting for vegetarian cook books!
( what can I say? I prefer the field tested cook recommended ones!)

Rapunzel said...

LOL, Sorrow, I can do that! We have several vegetarians and flexatarians in our house so there will be plenty of veggie-friendly dishes on our Thanksgiving table. I'll start gathering them up and posting today, ok?

ELLIE said...

wow - that chicken spaghetti looks good!!!