Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hugs, originally uploaded by lisas visions (really busy).

My path to work takes me by one of the few open pieces of land in My Town, one of the remaining cow pastures left in an area that was once used primarily for dairy farming. Yesterday as I sat at the stoplight I glanced over and admired the cows grazing in the field, little calves frolicking with each other..smiling when I saw one cow turn to the other and give her a big lick across her face, nuzzling and cuddling. Awww!!! It was such a sweet scene and suddenly I was hit with a huge thought: NO more red meat for me! I'm done with steaks & burgers, filets & frankfurters!

Now, this is not a huge shock to those who know me well; after all, I was a "mostly-vegetarian" for 10 years, surviving quite nicely on veggies, beans, etc. and the occasional bit of seafood. My reasons were less about health and more about animals, I just didn't want to eat living things. I went back to my carnivorous ways about 5 years ago, though, can't really remember the reason but I believe it had something to do with major lifestyle changes, the diet I was on, etc. Anyway, whatever the cause, I didn't feel badly about the course of action and I'm not going to get on my soapbox now but the thing is..I can live without red meat quite easily. I rarely crave it, know that it's not good for me and since there are so many substitutes out there now I really won't miss the stuff. *shrug* As far as poultry, well, I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to that yet but I may get there again someday. For now, I'm going to become a cow-hugger and rely on other forms of protein.

Now, you'd think I'd have eaten enough turkey last week but, alas, it seems that after I passed out doggie bags to a couple of folks we were only left with enough white meat to make one or two measly sandwiches! Not nearly enough so I popped over to Kalyn's Kitchen and found instructions for making turkey breast in the crockpot. Hurrah! It's simmering right now, am sure that it's going to taste as fabulous as it smells! Now I just need to avoid that one lone piece of pumpkin pie in the refrigerator, just calling my name...groan...


Kalyn said...

Hope you liked it! I was very happy with this recipe.

Susan said...

Hey, M ~

I can empathize - our turkey didn't last nearly long enough!

I did make up the obligatory sh*tpot of turkey soup the Friday afterwards, which is almost gone, after sending some with Eric back to college - made a B.J.'s run yesterday and it was packed (figured everyone else had finally finished their leftovers as well... :-)

P.S. I passed the cow pasture the other day too... and thought... "how cool we still have this in the midst of civilization!".

Rapunzel said...

Kalyn, thanks so much for stopping by! All of your recipes are fabulous!

Rapunzel said...

Susan, isn't it just the best? you drive through suburbia and there's this refreshing little patch of green..sigh..