Monday, January 19, 2009

Happiness Is...a Fabulous Holiday Weekend

Beren and I enjoyed a typical mid-January weekend in South Florida, taking advantage of the cool temperatures we rarely experience here. After coffee and conversation on the patio at home, we headed to the beach for a pizza & beer lunch..

proceeded to walk down the beach checking out all the vendors, picked up a birthday gift for a dear friend whose big day is approaching..then to a new-to-us beachfront organic market I'd been wanting to check out. Spending time with these gorgeous fruits & veggies inspired me to get back into the kitchen, and also to return to my mostly-vegetarian diet, but more about that later..

Has anyone eaten this vegetable before? It was so cool-looking, I had to have it!

Look at the size of those carrots!

I gathered up all the greens I could possibly hold..

and my adorable packmule toted the box home for me...

We then stopped at our favorite Sunday afternoon haunt, hung out with our biker friends while listening to live music and watching the "show." It's never a dull time with this crowd!

(Yes, that is a cockatoo!)

Thanks to MLK Day, the weekend's not over; we are now headed south to Homestead to visit a popular berry farm...stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...

I'm hungry just thinking of those veggies. Right now I'm dealing with eating steamed frozen veggies everyday.

Deb said...

Oh, I have fresh veggie envy! Enjoy!

jan said...

My Mama and Daddy met one another in Homestead in 1960!