Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Menu Planning

I'm trying to get my life back on track, feel like I have really lost "control" over the past few months with Mom's illness, death, and the horrible aftermath. My family is still in shock, still mourning, but life does indeed go on despite ourselves. Slowly, surely I have been making small changes, getting back into a routine, finding some semblance of "normalcy." Since I am a kitchen witch after all, one of the best ways for me to be productive and comfort myself is to head to the hearth. It's here where I put aside everything else and just immerse myself in the taste, smell, texture, experience of cooking for my family. It brings me joy and pleasure and the knowledge that no matter what else is happening, we must eat. And so we gather at the table, sharing joy and sorrows, the ups and downs of our days. Such as it is now, the bitter and the sweetness, Life does indeed go on.

Meatless Monday ~ Clean Out Refrigerator Night (C*O*R*N)
Take-Out Tuesday ~ Pizza Night
Weight Watchin' Wednesday ~ Chicken Sybil
Thrifty Thursday ~ Shrimp Lo Mein
Fishy Friday ~ Easy Fish Tacos
Social Saturday ~ Dinner Out
Slow Mo' Sunday ~ Barbecue Chili


jan said...

Very eloquently said.

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Jan. :)