Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Menu Planning

In preparation for the long weekend, Beren and I did some mega-shopping at Costco on Saturday, stocked up on, among other things, huge baking potatoes, Progresso Light Soup, salad and bread for the rare occasions when I decide to indulge in the "white stuff." I love opening my pantry and freezer to find so many meal possibilities!

Meatless Monday ~ "Potato Night"- baked potatoes w/leftover chili, salad
Take-Out Tuesday ~ Pizza Night
Weight Watchin' Wednesday ~ Vegetarian Italian Pasta Skillet Dinner Recipe from Progresso® Light
Thrifty Thursday ~ Anything Soup and French bread
Fishy Friday ~ Marinated Salmon Filets
Social Saturday ~ Dinner Out
Slow Mo' Sunday ~ Santa Fe Chicken

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