Saturday, May 23, 2009

On My Hearth: Spaghetti Pie

Photo courtesy of Fun Foods on a Budget

We had a little family meeting yesterday about, among other things, the household budget and how we can keep it under control. (Given the current economic situation, I'm sure that many of you are having similar conversations, no?) We explained to the children that while there are some areas we can't control (mortgage, car insurance, etc), we can cut down on our food expenditures and electric/water usage. Beren and I encouraged everyone to turn off lights when not in use, unplug appliances, etc. and to please, please not be wasteful of food. If you put it on your plate, eat it! Throwing food away makes me absolutely nuts!

So, with that in mind I did a refrigerator/freezer inventory this morning and made a shopping list, having each family member add items that he/she wants me to pick up from the store. I also made a mental note of what leftovers we have in there which will need to be used quickly. Spying a big bowl of cooked pasta, I did a quick google search and stumbled upon what is sure to be one of my new favorite blogs, Fun Foods on a Budget. Ooh, Stephanie has some tasty-looking dishes on there, can't wait to try them all!

Though we are having a BBQ here at the castle tonight, the guests won't be arriving until 6 pm so it'll be a late dinner for the kids so I'm going to whip up this Spaghetti Pie for a nice hearty lunch. Mmm...doesn't it look so good?? I can't wait to dig my fork in!

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