Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happiness Is....

*waking up refreshed and glowing after some romantic time with My Man followed by a good nights sleep..ahhh...

*the fact that after today Beren and I are on vacation! Whoo-hoo! Although we're not planning to go anywhere, I know that plans can change in a heartbeat around here and I might find myself packing up Bettie for a little road trip, who knows? (If Tabitha will give up my luggage, that is!) Either way, I'm looking forward to a 10 days of puttering around the Castle, frolicking in the pool and just generally relaxing with my family and friends.

*the sense of accomplishment having done a good day's work yesterday. I hate leaving unfinished business before vacation so I kicked a** yesterday to tie up some loose ends. I worked late, came home tired yet satisfied. Today will probably be another long one but well worth it for peace of mind while I'm away.

*booking a beautiful hotel room for Kali & Kevin's 1st Anniversary, I can't believe it's been a year since their wedding! They've had a lot of stress over the past 12 months, they deserve a night to themselves to unwind and just celebrate each other.

*Inspired by La Belette Rouge (love her blog!), I looked up one of my favorite musical movie moments and enjoyed it all over again. My dear friend who is a phenomenal opera singer in her own right (I must introduce you to her soon!) provided me with this link for further auditory pleasure as well as translation. Swoon...what better way to start my day than with beautiful music?

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


Jen said...

Enjoy your time off!

La Belette Rouge said...

Loving you!!! Thank you, sweets, for that very kind shout out. I am delighted to have inspired part of this post.

This is quite the romantic and love filled post. Time with your man; planning a trip; a** kicking. Good for you!!