Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Menu Planning

The next couple of weeks will be unusual here at the Castle as we have Beren's girls for two weeks solid! This will be the first time they've stayed with us for such an extended period of time and while I'm certainly looking forward to it, it does present a few challenges.

I've mentioned before that they are rather picky eaters and, unlike the rest of us, not fans of vegetables but also don't eat meat so cooking for them is a bit difficult! They eat lots of pasta at home so I'll be focusing on that and will sneak some veggies in where I can. *wink*

Meatless Monday ~ Cheryl's Spinach Cheesy Pasta
Take-Out Tuesday ~ Pizza Night
Weight Watchin' Wednesday ~ Shepherd's Pie (vegetarian)
Thrifty Thursday ~ I have all of these ingredients on hand making this Mexican Vegetarian Casserole a cheap and easy meal!
Fishy Friday ~ Ack! Neither of them eat fish so it's going to be Clean Out Refrigerator Night, am sure there will be enough leftovers to go around
Social Saturday ~ Family BBQ - burgers, veggie dogs, the usual fare
Slow Mo' Sunday ~ Crockpot Veggie Soup


Aurora said...

Your nails are gorgeous!

Hope you are having a great summer...


Rapunzel said...

Aurora, LOL, I wish those were my nails! Alas, it's just a stock photo I found on the internet. I had to stop getting my nails done, budget cuts..sigh...

thank you for stopping by, though, good to see you!