Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Menu Planning

Week 2 with Beren's girls, have actually had little issue with picky eating this past week. *smile* I think they're becoming accustomed to healthy sit-down family dinners instead of the "meals on the run" they seem to have at their Mom's house. Everyone does things differently, of course, but in our home mealtime is important and pleasurable!

Meatless Monday ~ Beren and I are both on vacation so we did some more grillin' by the pool - chicken, burgers, salad & baked potatoes
Tuesday ~ no take-out today, will be out sailing today so am putting potato soup in the crockpot, it'll be ready when we get home! Potato Soup (I'll be using leftover baked potatoes from Sunday's BBQ)
Weight Watchin' Wednesday ~ Hungry Girl's Hot Tamale Pie
Thrifty Thursday ~ Whole Wheat Pasta with Chickpeas and Lemon (can't get much cheaper than a nice bowl of pasta!)
Fishy Friday ~ Ack! Neither of them eat fish so it's going to be Clean Out Refrigerator Night, am sure there will be enough leftovers to go around
Social Saturday ~ the girls will be headed home today, Beren and I are planning to use a gift certificate we've been saving and go out to dinner
Sunday ~ Family BBQ with burgers & dogs, the usual fare


Deb said...

Hi ~ I always enjoy reading your menus for the week - it helps me with my menu planning. My husband and I are not huge fish eaters either but have found that we really enjoy fish tacos. I make them using tilapia. Just thought your picky eaters might enjoy fish this way. Happy vacation!

ELLIE said...

I hope meal time goes smoothly for you for week 2 - enjoy it all~!~

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Deb! I'll give the fish tacos a try, happen to have some tilapia in the freezer right now! :)

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Ellie, and welcome back!