Monday, November 9, 2009

Making a Home

Today's Daily Om is quite timely for me as I am still slowly setting up our other house, making it into a home. I'm enjoying taking my time, carefully choosing each item that I bring in, making sure everything is what I love and really desire to live with. It's exciting for me to start new & fresh with Beren, almost as if we are newlyweds! *smile*

I'll share a few pics of the humble abode but understand that we are still living "bare bones," and honestly I love it this way! No clutter, no mess, just the essentials. I'm hoping I can keep it this way.

My favorite part of the whole house, the back yard! We have about 1/3 acre which is huge by Florida suburban standards, lol! I love that Beren didn't clear the whole thing and install palm trees like so many others did, he left a nice big natural grotto. You can't see it in the pics, but there's a pond running alongside and a creek down the back!

The most important room in the house...wink....this bed is so tall I can barely climb up onto it!

The second most important room..please note that I do not share the former tenant's appreciation for pea green/aqua blue walls...shudder...we will be painting very soon!

November 9, 2009
A Living Dwelling ~ Creating a Beautiful Home

The homes we occupy are seldom ideal. A space that satisfies our basic needs may nonetheless leave us wanting where location, d├ęcor, or style are concerned. Yet every home has the potential to be beautiful. When we fill our homes with love, we transcend worldly factors such as market value and design. Our conscious, loving intentions can literally transform the spaces in which we live, dispelling any lingering unharmonious energy and replacing it with an ethereal beauty that is felt rather than seen. Our homes become spiritual dwellings that feel soulful and alive. Regardless of their outward appearances, they radiate love, making all who enter, including ourselves, feel instantly welcome.

Turning a space into the beautiful outward expression of your inner warmth is as easy as projecting love into it. When your intentions are sincere, you can infuse the walls of your home with your energy, your emotional sensitivity, and your generosity of spirit, turning it into a haven of affection, joy, laughter, and togetherness. It is up to you, whether you want your personal spaces to be peaceful and quiet or lively and inspiring. Begin by cultivating awareness within yourself. This will allow you to see your home as an integral part of your existence rather than somewhere you simply return to at the end of each day. Consider how you relate to each element of your space, and remind yourself that every room in your home can serve a purpose in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Finally, lovingly thank each room for providing for your needs. As you become more mindful of the manner in which your home contributes to your well-being, you will discover that, more and ! more, you want to love and be loved by it.

Appearance and other superficial qualities can be deceiving. An aesthetically beautiful home can prove unwelcoming. And a home that seems mundane in every characteristic can be as comforting and cozy as a beloved relative or friend. When you nurture and care for your home as if it were a loved one, it will absorb your tender intentions and project a love so touching you will soon come to feel a great affection for it.


Jen said...

Yeah, I think I would also have to change those wall colors! Have fun with your new home!

SilverNeurotic said...

Enjoy the new house, it looks very pretty and I really love the backyard!

kim said...

I lveo the back yard! You really don't see too many like that in Florida.

Rapunzel said...

Thanks, Jen! Yeah, I'm not sure what they were thinking w/those colors! *shudder*

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Silver! :)

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Kim, isn't that the truth?!

Annie said...

You have two houses? Oh you are so lucky! Both are beautiful.

It's so expensive here in the capital that we can't even dream about a house unless we move to the outskirts. Tough choice... I would love to have a house for the kids. I spent my childhood in a pretty little house but there was always a lot of work to do - we're not really into gardening and repairing so we have to consider carefully.

Susan said...

Hey, M ~

So glad you are following through on your desire to be surrounded only by things you love, as per one of our luncheon discussion topics: "If it's not an absolute yes, it's a no!"... and "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." - can't wait to see/hear of continued progress... <3

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh what a beautiful blog you have and lovely pictures. I loved visiting.

Be sure to drop over and see me sometime.


PS Sign up for my giveaway. ;0)

Rapunzel said...

Annie, I certainly understand your dilemma! Here in Suburbia houses are a given, even if it's just a townhouse. There are condos and apts too, of course, but the "goal" seems to always be a house.

Beren has had his house for years and was renting it out while living in another house with his then-wife. He got this one in the divorce. ;) I got mine in my divorce as well so, yes, we find ourselves with two houses right now. Fortunately just one mortgage though, lol!

Rapunzel said...

thank you, Susan! I am making my way through my house now, started yesterday on the desk area, groan. it's such a grueling process but am hoping that I have something to show for it in the end.