Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend in NYC: Day Two

Saturday morning we slept in just a little bit, headed into the city after breakfast. The first stop was Central Park to see John Lennon's grave as it was his 70th birthday. Now, I admit that I am not a Beatles or Lennon fan per se, but my daughter Bambi is and I wanted to get pictures for her. Besides, it was an historic event and shouldn't be missed. Well, unfortunately the crowd was so deep that I wasn't able to get anywhere near the Imagine mosaic but was able to snap a shot of the plaque. We also walked by his home and the gate where he was shot, crowds were gathered taking pictures but that was much too morbid for me!

Beren and my brother stood in front of this statue, thought it was appropriate considering it was Columbus Day weekend.

We walked around a bit, had lunch at a little Indian restaurant and then headed toward the Pig & Whistle where we had a cocktail...

and met up with the fabulous Ms. Bitch*Cakes! I'm so glad she had time to hang with us a bit, what a pleasure it was to meet her! She is one lovely lady, and just as fabulous as I expected!

Oops, we were having so much fun that time just slipped away and we were running late, time to check into the hotel, grab a quick dinner at Heartland Brewery and head to the show at Radio City Music Hall!

As you may know, Lord of the Rings is Beren's all-time favorite series and holds special memories for us as well, remind me to tell you about it sometime. So, seeing the film with a live orchestra was amazing and very meaningful to us both.

We were both tired when we arrived back at the hotel but managed a nightcap at the wine bar next door before climbing into bed. Oops! Let me check the pedometer..clearly we took more cabs that day because we "only" walked 11,661 steps, about 5.52 miles.

Time to wake up Beren and get ready for work, please stay tuned for more of our adventure in the Big Apple!



Saimi said...

This is great! I've never been to NY so I'm enjoying your recap!

Rapunzel said...

Thank you, Saimi! It's really a wonderful city, hope you can get there one day!