Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Deal of the Day

I stopped at a local Publix on the way to my hair appointment this afternoon, grabbed some non-perishable deals:

4 bottles Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce (BOGO + manufacturer coupon)
2 Suave body wash (BOGO coupon + Publix coupon)
8 boxes Ronzoni Healthy Harvest and Garden Delight pasta (BOGO + manufacturer coupon)
2 bottles One-a-Day vitamins (25% off + manufacturer coupon)
14 boxes Cheerios cereal ((BOGO + manufacturer coupon)
6 boxes Fiber One cereal ((BOGO + manufacturer coupon)
1 package California Roll ('cause the shopper was hungry!)

Manufacturers Coupons: $22.50
Store Coupons: $ .55
Publix Special PriceSavings: $61.34

Total Savings: $84.39

Total Due: $58.19

Not bad! I won't have to buy cereal for a year, and am able to "gift" Kali with some for her house. *smile* Thanks to Hungry Girl and her delicious recipes, I go through a lot of Fiber One and it rarely goes on sale for this price, am really pleased with that deal.

Saving money is FUN!

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