Sunday, August 14, 2011

Away They Go!

Kali and Jesus took two of my refurbished vintage train cases to the South Florida Tattoo Expo this weekend. I've never sold one before so I'm a little bit nervous, , hope they find a new home!

We went to visit them last night, walked around the Expo admiring all of the amazing tattoo artwork and other crafts. I am in awe of the talent out there!

Kali was busy working at her booth..

while Lily and friends enjoyed the entertainment..

and I did a little bit of shopping! Are these gorgeous or what?!

We've had a busy weekend so far, looking forward to a quiet Sunday of movies, pool time, and maybe a little bit of craftiness.

Have a fabulous day!



Miss Frangipani said...

Hey Lovely!

Those train cases are gorgeous - were they hard to do? Your daughters are so lucky,having such a cool mum that supports them in their 'alternative' endeavours.My parents had a coronary when I got my first tattoo,now they just don't mention any new additions.Currently having a battle of the wills with Mama frangipani about our pagan 'wedding' ceremony and my dress.

Anyways always lovely to see a new blog post from you and those shoes are DIVINE! x

Saimi said...

Cute, cute shoes...I love them but don't think I'd be able to wear them without breaking my ankles HA!!

linda said...

these are so cool, my dear....i am sure they will find a home...what a darling daughter you have and those shoes? to die for... tho it would be laughable to see ME walk in them!!! xxx

Rapunzel said...

Miss Frangipani, that you so much for your sweet words! The train cases aren't difficult to do, just require a lot of I have to be in the right frame of mind. :)

ooh, I want to hear more about your "wedding!" Must head to your blog now...xoxoxoxo

Rapunzel said...

Saimi and Linda..I don't think I'll be doing much walking in these shoes either...wink...I'm thinking they are "bedroom shoes" if you know what I mean. *giggle*