Friday, September 9, 2011

Rapunzel's Big Adventure: Day 3

Yesterday I decided to explore my own "back yard, first stop was at the weekly Farmers Market "downtown," Ormond Beach. It takes place in Rockefeller Gardens/ The Casements.

Farmers Market Vendors

The Hallifax River, Granada Bridge

I then took a walk down Granada Blvd, stopped at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens where I enjoyed an exhibit by artist Cecilia Lueza....

and walked through the beautiful gardens! What a serene setting..

I then wandered into the Ormond Beach Historical Society, took a quick tour and grabbed some literature about the town's history and future local events.

Passing by a lovely little boutique I've been eying for some time, I went in just to browse but at proprietor Bonnie's insistence, I treated myself to a gorgeous new dress (photos to come) and before I could do any more damage to my wallet, I headed back home.

The afternoon was spent in my "kitchen/studio" refurbishing train cases for the upcoming craft show and whipping up a delicious dinner for Beren and myself. Overall, it was a simply wonderful day!


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