Sunday, July 3, 2011

GUEST BLOG: Mexican Street-Style Roasted Corn by Kali Bat

I have an extra-special treat for you today, dear readers! Below is a blog post from one of the best writers, and one of my most favorite people in the world: my daughter, Kali. Enjoy!

I'm always looking for new cuisines to try, and living in South Florida definitely allows a lot of experimentation on this front. So for this 4th of July post, I'm highlighting two things I take shameless pleasure in: Jack Black and Mexican food.

One of my favorite things about the film Nacho Libre is the food-related theme. As our protagonist Nacho becomes a successful luchador by night, he begins to take more and more pleasure in his day job - cooking at the orphanage where he grew up. Salad has never been so dazzling. But for me, the scene that induced the most serious cravings was when "Esqueleto" purchases elotes for Nacho and himself. Elote is roasted corn, a popular street food in Mexico. The corn is roasted on the cob, and served with the husk folded back to form a handle, then topped with condiments including butter, cheese, sour cream, chili powder, mayonnaise, lime or lemon juice.

After seeing elote in Nacho Libre, I could not get it out of my mind. I first found Mexican street-style roasted corn locally at the Swap Shop, our local flea market/former circus/farmer's market. Recently, I've discovered *the* venue for elote and all other tasty varieties of Mexican street food - El Jefe Luchador in Deerfield Beach. When I heard Lynn Rossetto Kasper describe her version on The Splendid Table, I had to try my hand at making it myself. This is one of my contributions to our 4th of July celebration at Rapunzel's (Real Life) castle tomorrow. It is an easy and different way to dress up your BBQ - you'll never go back to plain old corn on the cob!

"Drippy" Mexican Sweet Corn

Copyright 2003 by Lynne Rossetto Kasper

El Burrito Market in St. Paul supplied the inspiration for this recipe. Your grill is ready for the corn when the coals are covered with gray ash.

Serves 6

- 6 ears fresh sweet corn, husks peeled back but still attached to the ears
- 1 1/2 sticks salted butter, melted*
- Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
- 2 cups Mexican Crema, or sour cream
- About 3 cups freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese**
- 1/2 cup hot chili powder

1. Grill corn about 4 inches from coals for 8 to 10 minutes, turning with tongs and brushing with butter. Remove to a platter. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.

2. Have the sour cream in one shallow bowl, the cheese on a large plate and the chili powder is a salt shaker.

3. Let corn cool until easy to handle but still warm. Remove husks then roll corn in sour cream, draining off excess. Then lightly roll in the cheese. Sprinkle with the optional chili powder to taste.

Variation: Some people like to temper the heat of the chili with a squeeze of fresh lime juice over the ear of corn.

* We are using Smart Balance instead - it's easier to spread and way healthier!

** The more authentic cheese to use, if you can find it, is cotija. It comes in a block or also grated. If you can't find it, of course, parmigiano-reggiano works fine!


Saimi said...

You always come up with the best recipes!

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff! We've also done it to where you take the husks down but not off. Wash, destring corn. Slather with butter, salt, pepper, chili powder and cilantro. Re-wrap the husks back up and put them on the grill. DELICIOSO!!