Friday, March 30, 2007

Cast of Characters: Part 1

There are a couple of changes being made here at the castle, a new format if you will. To protect the privacy of my friends & family, and just because it's darn fun, I'm going to assign them mythical/magical names which suit them. I've been quizzing folks for the past couple of days to find out which dieties or characters they identify with, and the results have been quite interesting!

So today I introduce My Sweetie and his new identity. He has chosen a name from the Lord of the Rings, Beren. Once I read the romantic story of Beren & LĂșthien, I agreed wholeheartedly!

The gorgeous artwork above by Rowena Morrill.

Next up is my eldest daughter who has chosen the goddess Kali. I must admit that this frightens me just a bit as she seems ferocious! But I'm ever-so-glad that she identifies with a strong, kick-ass woman as she herself is just that.

So, there you go, two of my favorite people who reside with my in the Kingdom. More will follow as they choose their identities. Such fun stuff!



kevin and i have decided to start reading Silmarillion ASAP. here is a link that i think well explains kali:

"...the spontaneous, effortless, dizzying creativity of the divine reflex is conveyed in her wild appearance. Insofar as kali is identified with the phenomenal world, she presents a picture of that world that underlies its ephemeral and unpredictable nature. In her mad dancing, disheveled hair, and eerie howl there is made present the hint of a world reeling, careening out of control. The world is created and destroyed in Kali's wild dancing, and the truth of redemption lies in man's awareness that he is invited to take part in that dance, to yield to the frenzied beat of the Mother's dance of life and death.."

Rapunzel said...

Thank you for the explanation, my dear! And I think you should read The Silmarillion, it would please a couple of men in your life very much.

Aisling said...

Rapunzel, I love Beren & Luthien's story. Good choice! I recognize Kali's image, but don't know much about her. What a fun theme to your family's aliases. (Is "aliases" even a word? LOL!) Look forward to hearing what the rest of the gang comes up with!