Sunday, January 18, 2009

Secret Two: Honoring Your Inspirations

In the second chapter of 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, we are encouraged to look at what inspires our creativity, pay special attention to what we love, who we really are.

I really enjoyed reading the examples of other artist's creative processes, what encourages, inspires and delights them, but I found it difficult to answer that question for myself. At this point I'm not even sure where I want my own creative journey to end, much less what tools I need to get there! Do I still want to write or is there something else out there calling me?

One part of the chapter that really stuck out for me was about Inventing Creative Rituals. Ah, now we're talking! I love schedules, plans, makes me feel as if there is some order and control in an otherwise chaotic life. Implementing a Creative Ritual for myself, that is where I think I need to begin, that is the starting point for me. I love this quote from Chris Madden:

"I can't sit down and write or start on a new project nless my closets and my life are order to let go and create, I need to have organization around me. When I come back from being away, as I did this morning, the first thing I had to do was clean out the refrigerator and bake something wonderful. I think it's about reclaiming my space"

Yes, yes, yes! I know exactly how she feels! Perhaps this is the reason I've been so driven lately to get my house in order, tearing through closets, washing everything in sight, making my way to the bottom of the ironing basket, completing long-overdue projects - I need to clear a place for myself, for my creativity, I need to reclaim my space! Remember on my birthday when I set up a craft area for myself in the guest room? I was preparing for this moment! I haven't used it yet, but it's there, waiting for the moment when I'm ready to begin!

This is so exciting to me, to understand that even if I didn't consciously realize it, I was making room for myself all along. My soul knew what I needed, what I was craving, I just needed to listen.

For the next week I'm going to continue paying close attention to what sparks me, what makes me feel alive, brings me joy, opens my heart and mind. I'm going to work on a daily ritual to honor those things and help bring them more to light. This morning my inspiration comes from the view outside my patio, my favorite color all around me, fresh cup of coffee in my little chicken mug, cool breeze bringing the scent of lavender from my herb garden, birds singing, the softness of my new floral robe wrapped around my body..little things that delight me. Life is filled with such sweet, precious moments, we only need to stop and pay attention.


Kavindra said...

Yes to every word of this post! I love that you knew what you needed and made it happen before you could even articulate it. We are wise beyond our own comprehension, that's the paradox! I can't wait to see what you discover and create in that sweet space you have cleared.
(I have a picture of you creating in a tall tower room of course, with the forest all outside your window.)

Rapunzel said...

Kavindra, oooh! I love your idea of the tower room! One day I will truly have a room of my own that doesn't have to be shared with anyone and I'll remember your vision!

Teacats said...

Oh YES!!! I feel EXACTLY the same way about creativity -- first I have to get my "House" in order -- before I can think about taking a new road. Of course -- a "House" can refer to the actual dwelling, to the body or even to the spirit. Clearing out the clutter, cleaning the space and dedicating to another path is crucial to claiming it! My ideal space would look like Dumblordore's office or Mrs. Weasley's kitchen and garden! LOL! Or a room by the sea -- with tall doors that open!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Jenn said...

I can't wait to hear about the things you notice in this week coming up. I love hearing about people's creative rituals too. Glad that you've got a space all to your own to work in. I don't think you need to know where you want your journey to end, just knowing that you are on your way might be enough for a beginning.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

I too really felt in tune with the Chris Madden quote. It truly is like the nesting mode before birth... we are creating beauty, life, whatever! Cheers to USING your new space soon! Thank you for sharing!

Rapunzel said...

Jan, absolutely! My perfect house/room would look like the one in Practical Magic, of course! *smile* Jan, I seem to remember you considering a blog of your own some time ago..hmm...I am anxiously awaiting it's conception! :-)

Rapunzel said...

Jenn, what a great point, thanks so much!

Rapunzel said...

Connie, absolutely, it is like nesting before the creating! I love that analogy, thank you so much.

Jamie said...

How truly wonderful!! I'm so excited for you, your space, your soul and your creativity!

When we did the Soul Coaching journey with The Next Chapter, the first step of that book is about making space for the change to come.

I wonder what your soul is going to stir up next :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Ever notice how rare it is for people to stop and listen? Heck, just stop? You're so right, if we did this, we could change our lives.