Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Nature Challenge

Mother-of-Invention went to see Dr. David Suzuki and has written a wonderful post about it, inspiring me to check out his website and join his Nature Challenge; I do many of these things already but there's always room for improvemnt. Anyone want to take the challenge with me? Mother Earth could use all the help she can get.

1. Reduce home energy by 10%

2. Eat meat-free meals once a week

3. Buy a fuel efficient, low-polluting car

4. Choose an energy efficient home and appliances

5. Stop using pesticides

6. Walk, bike or take transit to regular destinations

7. Prepare your meals with locally produced food

8. Choose a home close to regular destinations

9. Support alternatives to the car

10. Get involved, stay informed


Anonymous said...

I can't do all of them right now, but since our family has already started this transformation, I'll gladly join the effort! We re-arranged our work schedule and started carpooling this week. It's mainly for gas cost, but also helps the environment. We'll also be looking at replacing our 15 year old refrigerator this year.

Rapunzel said...

Grace, I can't do all of them either but I think every little bit counts! I'm canceling my outdoor pest control service, need to find a natural way to keep the bugs out of my yard.

Mother of Invention said...

Thanks so much for posting this and spreading the word! Every little bit helps!