Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seven Layer Meme (aka More Than You Ever Want to Know About Me)

Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.
~ Carl Sandburg

To continue with the end-of-2008 ruminating/soul searching...I stole this from one of my new favorite blogs, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Suburban Diva. Please repost if you're so inclined, and leave me a comment so that I can take a peek.

* Name: Rapunzel
* Birth date: August 20
* Birthplace: Columbus, OH
* Current Location: Florida
* Eye Color: Blue
* Hair Color: Brown
* Height: 5’2”
* Righty or Lefty: Righty
* Zodiac Sign: Leo

* Your heritage: a mix of many - the only ones I know for sure are Welsh and Cherokee Indian
* The shoes you wore today: barefoot
* Your weakness: Do I have to name just one? Chocolate, Chardonnay and Romance come to mind - all have been my demise at one time or another
* Your fears: Again, too many to count but the biggie has always been: Losing someone I love, either by choice or by death
* Your perfect pizza: Every veggie known to man
* Personal goals you'd like to achieve:
To be an Excellent Mom
To be in Better Shape - mentally, physically and emotionally

* Your most overused phrases on social networking sites: awesome, wonderful, fabulous
* Your first waking thoughts: Where is Everyone?
* Your best physical feature: Ummm..with an alias of Rapunzel, what do you think?
* Your most missed memory: Huh? I guess I'd like to remember more of my kids growing up, it went so fast, it's just a blur

* Pepsi or Coke: Coke
* McDonald's or Burger King: hate fast food in general but you can't beat McDonald's fries!
* Single or group dates: Single, just me and my man (there's that Romance thing again)
* Adidas or Nike: neither, Reebok is the only brand that fit me well
* Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: neither, either crappy Crystal Light or the real, fresh-brewed sweet tea
* Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
* Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino but can't manage that daily (hmm..why not?)

* Smoke: Never, never, never. My Mom has lung cancer..'nuff said.
* Cuss: Unfortunately, yeah
* Sing: Horribly
* Take a shower everyday: at least
* Do you think you've been in love: Oh, yeah
* Want to go to college: I used to think I did but now, not so much
* Liked high school: hated it
* Want to get married: BTDT, twice. Never say never again but...not in the near future.
* Believe in yourself: Sometimes
* Get motion sickness: Occasionally but I tend to avoid those situations whenever possible
* Think you're attractive: Today? Hell no
* Think you're a health freak: Health Conscious but am willing to toss that aside on too many occasions
* Get along with your parent(s): Yes, now that I'm an adult.
* Like thunderstorms: Absolutely, as long as everyone's home safe & sound
* Play an instrument: no

In the past month...
* Drank alcohol: Yep.
* Smoked: No
* Done a drug: No
* Made Out: Yes..swoon...
* Gone on a date: Yes
* Gone to the mall?: Unfortunately, yes *shudder*
* Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: No
* Eaten sushi: A California roll
* Been on stage: No
* Been dumped: No
* Gone skating: No.
* Made homemade cookies: Yes but they flopped!
* Gone skinny dipping: The water's too cold even if the temp is 80 degrees
* Dyed your hair: Yep, a monthly have-to
* Stolen Anything: no

* Played a game that required removal of clothing: No
* Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: um..yeah
* Been caught "doing something": not since I was a teenager, but only because I've been very, very lucky!
* Been called a tease: long time ago, nowadays I tend to deliver what I promise. ;-)
* Gotten beaten up: Only emotionally
* Shoplifted: No
* Changed who you were to fit in: Not in a long time, the 40's are all about accepting myself and f**k 'em if they don't like me

* Age you hoped to be married: never had a set age
* Numbers and Names of Children: Kali, 24; Lily, 18; Bambi, 17
* How do you want to die: naked in bed, an empty champagne bottle and sexy man by my side
* Where did you want to go to college: The University of Florida
* What do you want to be when you grow up: at Peace
* What country would you most like to visit: France

* Number of drugs taken illegally: 2
* Number of people I could trust with my life: 5, and the funny thing is, one of those people I've only me in Real Life one time (You Know Who You Are!)
* Number of CDs that I own: not a clue but half of them are scratched, lost or otherwise inoperable..grrr..
* Number of piercings: Two -- one in each ear but I never wear earrings in the 2nd hole
* Number of tattoos: None
* Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Maybe twice
* Number of scars on my body: other than the usual bumps & scratches, two major scars: one at the bikini line where I birthed my babies, the other on my inner/upper thigh where a grapefruit-sized tumor was removed. Scariest days of my life.
* Number of things in my past that I regret: No regret really, just wish the timing for various things was different


linda said...

well, brave one, that was fascinating! I don't think I am brave enough, even if it is the last day of the year...thinking about it though :)

XO for you for a wonderful new year to deserve it!

miss*R said...

fantastic me-me!!
thanks for visiting Inglewood and I wish you a fantastic and blessed 2009... looking forward to our continuing friendship this year! xo

Lady Laurie said...

I enjoyed reading this ~ I don't think I am brave enough either to bare it all!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Rapunzel said...

LOL, I don't really feel brave but I guess I'm pretty "out there," don't have any real secrets to speak of. *shrug*