Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's Inspiration

Today's Note from the Universe, very powerful but I'm still having a hard time with the concept. It's difficult for me to imagine that I am that powerful, I have that much control over my life, which is even more interesting considering the fact that I'm considered a bit of a control freak! Something to ponder, though, perhaps for the New Year I need to make more of a concerted effort in this area?

Rapunzel, it's easy. Your thoughts become things. Don't fight it. Don't think there's anything else. Don't entertain the false premises of fate, luck, or a God who judges, withholds, or decides. You decide. You manifest. You rule. This is why you are here. This is what you came to discover. You were born to experience your absolute dominion over every flimsy, malleable illusion of time and space; to have, do, and be anything.

Truthfully, it couldn't be any easier. All you have to do is think of what you want and refuse to deviate from that thought. This will, invariably, set you into motion, stir up the magic, and unleash the full force, power, and majesty of a Universe conspiring on your behalf.

It's worth everything you've got, Michele. Be strong, be vigilant, take action, and the Kingdom of Heaven shall appear at your very feet.

I've got your back,
The Universe


Susan said...

Hey, M ~

Happy New Year to you and yours - I'm finally getting around to enjoying your beautiful holiday prose and photos!

Thanks for sharing your Notes from the Universe - I just signed up for my own e-reminders. "Be strong... be vigilant... take action" - sounds like someone I know... <3

Deb said...

I also receive Notes From The Universe messages each day ~ and I assumed that we all received the same note but this is not the note I received today or yesterday - and I often get notes which make the hair on my neck stand on end. I do believe! Happy New Year!

Rapunzel said...

Susan, thank you for the vote of confidence...smile...I'm not feeling very strong or confident at the moment so taking action is even more difficult. This, too, shall pass though...right?

Rapunzel said...

Deb, it is amazing at times how in tune those notes are!

Happy New Year to you and yours.