Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happiness Is...the Weekend in Review

As promised, here are a few details about my little weekend road trip. Beren and I headed to Ft. Lauderdale early Friday morning, had a meeting at 9 am which, thankfully, had a positive outcome. By 11 we were sipping Bloody Marys on the beach!

Brynna gave me this unexpected little gift Thursday night, along with pink Play-Doh and a lavender foot soak. *smile* My daughter knows me all too well! I've decided to name him Prince and he will henceforth be my "Traveling Bear" just like the garden gnome in Amélie. I imagine this little guy will lead quite an adventurous life so stay tuned! *wink*

Friday night we enjoyed what was quite possibly the last Mermaid Show at the Yankee Clipper Wreck Bar. We can only hope that once the hotel is renovated they return because it would be such a shame to lose this local icon!

After the show we enjoyed a late dinner with friends at a waterfront restaurant, why do hamburgers taste soooooo good late at night? Here we are posing with "The Blues Brothers."

Saturday we caught the shuttle to the beach, had a delicious spinach & feta omelet at a really cool Greek restaurant. Nice view, huh?

When the weather turned rainy we ducked into the Oasis and had a couple of drinks while waiting for the storm to pass.

We'd parked our car at Kali's house who lives just moments away so while waiting for her to pick us up we hung out by the pool and in the gorgeous hotel lobby.

Even though it was a wonderful getaway and we had lots of fun, I was so happy to return home to my own bed, kids & kitties!

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linda said...

hello~hoping you are feeling well...your mermaid video was a crack-up!! we never see anything like that hear in very PC california! and the music was great, perfect for the video!

thank you for your comment on my collage and now I know why you see mermaids!!! hahaha ;)

blessings to you...