Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Girl ~ Part 2

Well, it turned out to be a wonderful day, a mixture of food, family & fun!

Kali picked me up from the office and swept me away to a tasty lunch at the Blue Point Ocean Grill. We both had yummy salads and since I wasn't going back to work I indulged in one of their $5.00 Special Cosmopolitans!

Afterward I met Lily and her sweetie for a drink and a little visit at the restaurant where he works. She had already surprised me at the office with a huge bunch of flowers and an adorable Tinkerbell balloon, awww!

I then did a bit of shopping and puttered around the house until Beren came home, laden down with flowers and other indulgent presents for the birthday girl. *smile*

Though I am really picky about my Italian food and don't generally like chain restaurants, we decided to try Bucca di Beppo for dinner since I had a $10.00 off coupon and had heard really good things about the place from friends. (yeah, even on my birthday I try to be a frugal gal!) Well, it was awesome! I had the Linguine Frutti Di Mare which was fabulous, Beren had the Quattro al Forno which was equally delicious. Since they serve family style, we'll both be eating leftovers for lunch tomorrow and perhaps the next day as well! The best part to me, though, was the adorable interior. I was so overcome with all of the artwork on the walls that I completely forgot to get a picture of us! LOL

I was too stuffed to even think about dessert, changed into my nightie and was about to collapse onto the couch when Lily insisted that I have birthday cake of some sort, said it was bad luck otherwise. Fortunately I had one last Magnolia cupcake (believe it or not, it was still fairly fresh!) so I blew out the candle and cut it into bite-sized pieces to share with my family.

Everyone was so generous with their gifts, I am truly overwhelmed with how well my family & friends know me! I'll post pics and descriptions as I start to use the items but suffice it to say that this was a very indulgent birthday.

I'll leave you with one silly shot of myself & Bambi with part of the gift she and Lily bought me which included two of my favorite things - wine and chocolate!

See, I told you they know me well! *wink*


Susan said...

Hey, M ~

What a delightful second half to your Birth Day - I love Blue Point! My daughter S got me hooked when she started working at the Hard Rock complex a few years ago - I now must have their chopped salad (taste sensation), calamari (melt in your mouth) and dirty martini (the best anywhere) on a monthly basis!

We love eating outside where we can see the lighted palm trees change color - I am glad you were wined, dined and spoiled... as you well deserve... :-)

Rapunzel said...

Susan, maybe that's where we should have our mutual birthday celebration then! I had the "wedge" salad, K had the chopped, both were fabulous! She, too, adores a dirty martini..hmm...perhaps one of these days we'll have a foursome there?

Teacats said...

Happiest of all Birth Days! And many many brightest blessings on your day too!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage ((who turned 50 on the 14th! sigh))

Teacats said...

Happiest of all Birth Days! And many many brightest blessings on your day too!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage ((who turned 50 on the 14th! sigh))